She is protected by the Knight of Carim Eygon, upon releasing Irina, Eygon relinquishes her safety to the player. "Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll. Patches wants a rematch and targets us again. He pretty much just sits there in firelink after. Dark Souls 3 Official Website Dark Sous 3 is an action RPG developed by FromSoftware and published internationally by Bandai Namco. Upon the table to the side is a single candelabra, of unknown significance. The animal in cathedral of the deep being a sable? This maybe firelink in a different period in time, as items left behind by npcs like Greirat will appear in the dark as well, and traveling to dark fire link shrine early, skipping Greirat and Orbeck...etc killing Emma and rushing to Oceiros, will match the current firelink ( Greirats stuff won't be there, but will spawn once he actually moves in). - CS Lewis, My first Dark Souls and I started this game with deprived class. Lordran is the land (and kingdom) of the gods, not a city. Both light and dark are able to use its power because of  their humanity as deep within man is dark, and this is the catalyst that ignites this flame, bring about the age of fire. This becomes apparent with their attacks, including tearing out a part of their own humanity from within themselves and hurling it at you, implying the amount of humanity growing within them is immense. She also warns us about the vile dog that watches over the exit, Vordt. I just wanted to point out that the manor in Irithyll with the silver knights was probably the home of the woman Sullivan turned into the dancer. The eclipse appears in Lothric Castle, and several other areas, after Lothric Castle is unlocked. Although Aldia's power was great, his experiments had left him in a monsterous state, akin to a tree, hollow yet sentient, and bound to Bonfires, and he therefore sought those with power, to guide them so that they might find a solution, to overcome the shackles of destiny binding them to the cycle of Light and Dark. Logan is reknowned for his contribution to Sorceries and a number of Crystal Sages emulate him. " Heat and cold, life and death, and of course, light and dark. ""So, what business have you here? Its the world where the power of fire is strongest, and whe whole place is falling apart as the main one is weakening. That actually sounds like it would apply more to Demons Souls, where a colorless fog is explicitly mentioned, just like in Lost Kingdoms. The Lords will abandon their thrones. *Speculation: The soldier style slaves wielding claymores in some regard resemble this statue, each clutching tight a single long blade. We shall meet again, young Hollow.". Irithyll is a moonlit area that seems to be heavily devoted to Dark Sun Gwyndolin. They have been infected with something akin to The Pus of Man, vast collections of leeches shaped by their containers into human form. That's why I've come here, searching - for the purging monument, said to be in the ringed city. *Speculation* Maybe it's calling Undead to link it and prolong its life. "After the Legion's Watchers became Lords of Cinder, the wolf blood dried up, and Farron was consumed by a festering wood. ...Oh, thou good Yoel's master?I am Yuria of Londor, a close friend of his.Thanks to thee, Yoel's soul is redeem'd.Allow me to express my gratitude, in his stead. Lets start with Patches. Yay! But only a true monarch can make such a choice.Very few, indeed, have come even this far. "Ashen one, to be unkindled is to be a vessel for souls". It is possible that Gwyn's wife had a secret trist with Seath, resulting in a child that had to be claimed as Gwyn's own to prevent controversy. In the past he was strong and now he seems to be corrupted or infected by the Pus of Man. It must be stated too that the statue reflects as well the state of the Nation of Lothric itself: As a nation whose leader was to be a Lord of Cinder, it was a nation prepared to sever its own head. None will have meaning, and you wo… When the Flame started to fade, the Lord Souls taken by the gods started to lose power, while the humans born from the Dark Soul started becoming stronger. "Young Hollow. ... but Dark Souls 3‘s renewed emphasis on role … Queria saber qual desses RPG's ta valendo mais a pena: Dark Souls, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning ou The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings . Unkindled, like you. Their clothes are utterly putrid, drenched in the blood and mucilage of their undertaking.". Can be used repeatedly. Irithyll is a legendary lake-borne cathedral city within the frozen Boreal Valley, bathed in the eternal moonlit twilight of Anor Londo, the ruined core of which still resides at the center of the city. Men are props on the stage of life, and no matter how tender, how exquisite...A lie will remain a lie.". It is possible this figure is therefore of some relevance to the change that occured in Irithyll. He also seems to be related to the Dancer: Witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos. The latter  refers to what remains after a material has been burnt completely while Cinder means that it has not been consumed completely. Even after countless years Gwyn's influence still affects the World. First of all, upon killing certain unkindled NPCs they drop ashes, meaning they were burned at some point before reviving. the only part of the story i understand from dark souls is the cinematic, just saying in your theory about multiple firelink shrines it says that on a corpse of the firekeeper behind an illusionary wall we find the eyes of the fire keeper but in truth you find them in the same place where irina of carim stays on her lifeless body not on our fire keeper. Time and space are convoluted in Dark Souls, and this appears to apply to places as well as people. Lloyd, uncle of Gwyn, would declare himself All-Father, and found a religion worshipping the gods of Anor Londo. Even the tree men appear to be praying, turned upwards towards the princes tower as plants grow towards the sun. If you talk to the Handmaid in the dark shrine before ever speaking to the one on fire link, and then speak to the one on fire link she comments on how she thought she recognized you for a second this supports the time travel theory. Dragon worship has had strong connotations with dreams and memories in Dark Souls I and II, as well as non-existant places. A church, containing The Undead Greatwood, rests in a cliff face. Cannot be equipped as a weapon. No ingame item descriptions, dialogue, or lore exists to properly explain this geographic phenomena, however, snowy areas in the souls series are extremely rare, and there exists sufficent evidence in the series to make somewhat educated guesses as to the origins. I am a Fire Keeper. Upon exiting it we find lothric and a strange dark, sort of night atmosphere. The Unkindled defeats the Soul of Cinder and summons the Fire Keeper. That's where our character comes in, kills the Lords and Gwyn, and relink the flame when it's about to go out. It appears to be an expression of envy, or perhaps love towards another, that will tenaciously pursue its target. You must destroy the fading Lord Gwyn, who has coddled Fire and resisted nature, and become the Fourth Lord, so that you may usher in the Age of Dark!". The Cathedral sits upon tremendous darkness, appearing to be a fragment of the Abyss. But he was stricken by illness, and leadership of the knights fell to me. It is eventually determined by a small few that Lordship and Dominion are tied to The Throne, binding the lord's will to the land and creating a kingdom, and The Crown, annointing a Lord as Monarch, with the authority to be obeyed and investing in them certain power. Three different cures to Hollowing are discovered through the efforts of those within Dranglaic. From the descriptions above we can see that  the Deep was initially calm but it became a place for abhorrent creatures. Lore of Dark Souls III as interpreted by the community. The Iron King built his kingdom on the ruins of Venn. 'not everybody would fight lions. The landscape and surroundings, of massive endless mountains and rows of graves on a gradually ascending slope, as well as the presence of the crow, seems to imply that this area is the same location as the Undead Asylum. Vendrick is certain to guide your way. Along the same path, facing the High Wall, are a multitude of Pilgrim bodies, dead at the edge. That ash seeketh embers. The Darksign is a symbol of the undead. Periodically, strange phantoms clad like Sulyvahn's outriders can be seen slowly progressing through the city, much akin to those of other players, seeming to suggest that Irithyll is a city that trancends dimensions. In Dark Souls I it was stated that Gwyndolin was the last remaining god of Anor Londo, and those nobles and knights that remained therefore might have held him in great reverence, to the exclusion of the other gods. She finds hope in you, for Lothric to become a true Lord for his kingdoms. The Lords, with the help of the dragon Seath the Scaleless, defeated the dragons in great dragon hunts and won the war, driving the dragons to the brink of extinction, such that only their distant relatives remained. Time travel. Ariandel carries with him what greatly appears to be The Lordvessal, a critical part of rekindling the fire in the first game, and is actively trying to keep it from catching fire by drowning it in blood, for unclear reasons. are thrown, creating piles and piles of hollows, likely more then are encountered in the entirety of the rest of the world, as well as the dozens of cages that brought them there. Not only is he the Progenitor of Relinking the Flame, his path and even title has been emulated countless times. just the new s*** we all needed. At this time, Gwyn gives Seath the title of Duke and grants him the Archives for his research, where he begins studying the secrets of immortality. Let them assume a new master, Inhabiting ash, casting themselves upon new forms.". "The deep was originally a peaceful and sacred place, but became the final rest for many abhorrent things. There's no proof of any kingdoms map in the DS1 universe. But is this so wrong? A vast amount of generations passed, we would obviously have many of unkindled and, of course, many amount of tombs in the Cemetery of Ash. The Grand Archives is an area where the knowledge of Lotheric, and through it, perhaps all the knowledge of the world, is hoarded and studied by The Candle Scholars, one of the Three Pillars of Lotheric. "A braille divine tome of the Deep, belonging to the deacons of the cathedral. Aldia's brother Vendrick had a different plan to utilize the remnant power from other kings crowns to stave off hollowing. A friend and travelling companion. Dark Empyrean Armor Set meaning that when simultaneously equipped with at least another Armor piece of the same set, the player may receive a bonus to defense, offense or passive capabilities. Umbral ash of a Hollow who faithfully served a woman, only to become separated from her. Gwyndolin created several illusions to maintain the illusion of the Gods power, including an illusionary Gwynevere and that light was not as faded. Their armour blackened by the flame, and they became ash, but they still wander. Perhaps instead it is a persistent warning of the dangers of The Deep. Undead warrior, we stand at the crossroad. I am the primordial serpent. I think to each undead, the fire presents a "parallel world". A shrine of Velka rests behind a locked door in the sewer. They are also undead who are not fully bound by the hollowing process we saw in past games, needing to acquire Dark Sigils in order to go Hollow. A dark version of Firelink Shrine connected to The Abyss. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is swallowed in an abyss and seems to be separated from the world(dark shrine). ( Killing him w Anri will not mean that the one we have to face will be dead, you have to kill the one in your world, regardless if you helped Anri slay him ). If this is right then it means that Priscilla is alive, since he had a dream about her while devouring Gwyndolin. Sister Friede was once a member of the Sable Church of Londor and is seen as a deserter or traitor. This cup of fire is extremely notable in that it is the same fire that was at the peak of the fountain, but now held in the hands of the priest. It appears as though the disruption of the Lord Souls (or fragments of it) create monstrosities. Hawkwood and Anri were possibly called by different flames from different parallel worlds. Used in infusion to create deep weapons. Knight Slayer Tsorig's ring is identical to that of the Ivory Warrior Ring found in Eleum Loyce, in form and function, and he wields a weapon from the other DLC of Dark Souls II, making it extremely likely that the frozen city referenced in the lore of his ring is that of Eleum Loyce. "If the lords will not return to their thrones themselves, let them return as cinders.". After DS1, Seath gained godlike status. This gets worse in the future as now the firelink and its surrounding area seems to be caught in a crazy cataclysm(final area). Messages you leave in firelink will match messages found in the "dark" firelink accessed through untended graves. In this Firelink Shrine you must insert the Coiled Sword into the bone and ash pile of the bonfire to be able to use it. We also fight against a manifestation of all Undead who linked the fire, that is, the Soul of Cinder, who seems to be good at all fighting styles. It seems one must be powerful in a unique way to survive and even then their form changes. First, there are dragons, which seem to be in Lothric for an unknown reason, stated in the item descriptions of The Knight Crossbow and Lightning Pot to be that Lotheric was a land of dragonriders (much like Dranglaic) and had tamed dragons. Among them are hounds, yet hounds with human skulls, indicating perhaps the same processes used to warp the bodies of the Beasts of Sulyvahn, or perhaps dogs bloated on humanity, taking on human form. Aldrich is another Lord of Cinder that neglected his duties, having his own ambitions after the linking of the fire. One throne, The Throne of Want, symbol of true power as the monarch capable of deciding the fate of Fire and Dark, has remained empty since the dawn of time. Patches may have a soft side to him, but he doesnt want others to know. The Knights of Farron emulate Artorias' unbending will to take on the Abyss. Ultimately, he was banished by Vendrick to his keep, where his experiments continued. ", "Attire of grave wardens at the Cathedral of the Deep. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course, light and dark. The Abandoning of Anor Londo and The Blades of The Dark Moon. It gives more bonuses when three pieces are equipped and another bonus, when four pieces are being used simultaneously. Life was tough for the bastard and in response, the bastard bit back at what life threw at him, resorting to tricks, thievery and murder. Each fragment, thirsting for power, spread Dark, with no relent. It is hard to tell if this sanctuary is located in the same place as the old given the amount of time that has passed and how much has changed. Profaned Flame wielded by the Irithyllian witches. I am a Fire Keeper. Up the elevator on the bridge, the dragon which caused the bridge to break, cutting off the Undead Settlement, can be found. The Ringed City is home of the Pygmies. They bear great resemblance to the undead travelers in Dark Souls II, and are clad in similar robes to the Londor Pilgrims, possibly indicating a connection. The protagonist is known as an Unkindled, a kind of Undead, although it is never fully enunciated upon what differentiates an Unkindled from other Undead. This could be firelink of the future. I mean look at that tower behind firelink shrine in DKS 3, it looks like that unaccessible ruined tower besides firelink in Dark souls 1. Humanity is described as something warm as well as dangerous, and when it was disturbed it created the Abyss. Deep within one chapel is a particularly massive spiderlike abomination, yielding Aldrich's ruby, seeming to imply that those particularly devout devour others and become horrible monsters themselves. A lone pilgrim has somehow found their way to the gate, even as the many others died on the other side when they could go no further. There are insects in the Deep that basically kill all life. Once Yoel has applied enough Sigils he dies and Yuria will thank you for taking him into your service. The Unkindled then strikes the Firekeeper and takes the flame for him/herself. Lothric was next in line, but he abandoned his own duty. It is unclear if these thrones were originally tied to the respective lands and moved here or if they were prepared at this location, or if indeed like the Throne of Want, they have always been here. The Iudex Gundyr awaits in the entrance of the Firelink Shrine, judging new unkindled heroes of their worthiness of fulfilling the prophecy of rekindling the flame, as seen in the Coiled Sword: "Sword missing from the shrine bonfire. Keep in mind that a significant amount Dark Souls lore is up for interpretation so, compiling conclusive facts about it is easier said than done ,and that what is here isn't exhaustive. This is hinted by being able to get Karla's Set from the Prisoner Chief's Ashes. According to Kaathe, The Furtive Pygmy took the Dark Soul and gave birth to mankind. These Gods also saw the humans as their subjects. What drives you so, to overcome this supposed curse? "Long ago, when Sulyvahn was yet a young sorcerer, he discovered the Profaned Capital and an unfading flame below a distant tundra of Irithyll, and a burning ambition took root within him. They soon began to throw Undeads with the Darksign that appeared sometime before into asylums to await the end of the world. Only the handmaid is alive her, which is strange, considering that she looks weak. Long ago, back to dark souls one, the world was a dark place with giant trees that rose to the heavens, ruled by mighty dragons. This statue appears to be central to the lore of Irithyll, being the main symbol for the area itself. Lurking at the fringes of the lake are Centipede Women, perhaps escaped from The Profaned Capital, or indeed brought about by the rise of The Profaned Flame from its depths into Irithyll. As illustrated by her Dialogue and Affinity Spell. If forgiven, we can buy items from him and continue his questline. At some unknown point during these events, The Dark Sign began to manifest itself upon men, such that their souls would not pass on into Death, whatever it might be. Together, they sought sovereignty. This is key because we are told that humanity is born from the dark soul, which implies darkness. "- Exile Mask. Or perhaps the bonfire revives her. Past the Crystal Sage is first another Evangelist, burning bodies, including that of a herald of the Way of White, perhaps telling where the old way falls in things. The dark version of firelink shrine is a fire that faded, a possible fate awaiting the fires of other worlds if the main one isnt fixed. I think the darksign sun depicts an act of such desperation that the sun itself is being used to keep the flame alive and that it is extremely close to fading. Killing an npc will revive them in their world, but in our world, they will have lost "connection" and appear "dead". What points this out is the high amount of weak undead bodies outside the cathedral, bodies that  Aldrich did not finish, as the grave warden set seems to suggest: "Rotting, tattered skirt, robe, hood and wrap. Yhorm, old friend. The very first landmark the player encounters in Irithyll is a large central fountain in the town square, where 8 statues predominate, built around what appears to be reminicent of the rotating elevator pillar of anor londo. Many of the later areas of the level are litered with the bodies of Lothric Knights, seeming to imply a great battle occured. Gywn, Nito, and Izalith and her daughters went to war with the dragons. What is it that you seek? The Flameless Shrine is in even worse condition than Untended Graves and it is here you find a bonfire that warps you to the Kiln. When the linking of the fire is threatened the bell tolls, awakening the Lords of Cinder from their graves, but they will abandon their thrones and their role of relinking the fire and return to their homelands. Given that the head of Irithyll, Pontiff Sulyvahn, originated in the Painted World and had powers over cold, it is quite possible that the cold of the entire Boreal Valley was produced by Sulyvahn for some unknown purpose. Give to the blacksmith in the shrine to allow the use of gems for dark, blood, and Hollow infusion. The jailers were among the few survivors inhabiting the Profaned Capital, later serving under Pontiff Sulyvahn. and furthermore according to the lore of the soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn: Pontiff Sulyvahn declared himself Pontiff and head of The Way of White, and appears to have co-opted its belief system into the new Deep faith, and thereby fed Gwyndolin to Aldrich. Check this video out as (and the rest of the channel) to learn more about the true lore. Naturally the ceremonial significance of such work is long forgotten. He wants his victims to know who killed them. Most of the candles are extinguished, perhaps serving as an indicator of the fading flame. Seek light, Dark and what lies beyond... ". With the Dragons defeated, the Lords settled their own kingdoms. “The fire fades, and the lords go without thrones.” When the link of fire is threatened, the bell tolls, unearthing the old Lords of Cinder from their graves. This is Horace. Lords of Cinder, came many generations after, and it is rare for someone to survive the fire. The Lords will abandon their thrones. Among the enemies there are also two special kind of enemies. It is therefore very clear that Aldrich used to visit here, and based upon the strange creature she cradles, to be something she loved quite dearly. Now, I only await an answer. "Oceiros went mad trying to harness his royal blood for a greater purpose, leading him to the heretics of the Grand Archives, where he discovered the twisted worship of Seath the paledrake. Farron’s Undead Legion, The Abyss Watchers. Within the Kingdom of Dranglaic, a king from a fallen kingdom consumed by poison deep within the earth and his brother seek to find a way to attain true power and eventually, as it spreads, to stop the Curse of Undeath and Hollowing, their efforts eventually drawing many seeking a cure for Undeath. It is stated in the lore of The Archive Key: "With the fire fading, and the spreading pus of man tainting the castle, the Grand Archives closed its doors for good.". The five Lords of Cinder are Ludleth the Exiled; Aldrich, Saint of the Deep;  Farron's Undead Legion, the Abyss Watchers; the reclusive lord of the Profaned Capital, Yhorm the Giant; and Holy King Lothric, Last Hope of His Line. He was a cleric in the past but at some point he started eating human flesh, and he sure enjoyed it, as can be seen from Aldrich Ruby or Saphire: "Infamous for his appetite for flesh apparently had the desire to share with others his joy of imbibing the final shudders of life while luxuriating in his victim's screams". Wheither this is a connection to Blighttown or simply a commonality of the swamps is unknown. This ancestry to archtrees might explain the rootlike attributes many affiliated with Hollowfication in Dark Souls 3 take on. The Church of the Deep is based on the vision of the "Age of the Deep Sea" that Aldrich had after becoming a Lord of Cinder, and the corruption of the Way of the White and their temple is at the Cathedral of the Deep. Anyway, back on topic, still with time travel. Grave wardens were tasked with disposing of the ever rising corpses that plagued the cathedral. Gwyndolin's illusionary magic served to maintain the illusion that Fire was not in the midst of fading and that the source of light remained within the capital city of Anor Londo, for Gwynevere, heir to Gwyn remained there, even as in reality the other gods, including Gwynevere, fled elsewhere. as everything converges, the source is revealed, and the champion of ash may fullfill his duty, link it, prolong its life in our world of plane, and change the future, extending the age of fire. ""Is that something you can forgive?". The city strongly resembles Yharnam of Bloodborne, being covered in a mixture of elizabethian architecture and renaisaince cathedrals. As true as the Dark that churns within men. I am Yoel of Londor, a pilgrim as you can see, only… Somehow, I've failed to die as was ordained. Little truly needs to be said regarding what the population of Farron Keep indicates regarding the lore of Dark Souls III. ", "In the painting, the scythe is a symbol of a long-lost home, possibly explaining Elfriede's preference for it. ""But I am guilty. The first of the Royal Guard of the Prince (the knights wearing blue) is encountered outside of Emma's chamber. They do not appear to be the same woman as the statues within the Cathedral of the Deep. "One day, fire will fade, and Dark will become a curse. This hints that Yhorm linked the Flame before Aldrich. The buried corpse of the great nation of Carthus. As such the two statues appear to either represent the old values of the Way of White (protecting the flame, wielding true authority), or the new way of things under Pontiff Sulyvahn (Magic in one hand, the Profaned Flame in the other, united together in the form of the Pontiff). "Great scythe wielded by the Pontiff's knights, frigid spirits that linger in Irithyll. But King Vendrick did not want to Link the Flame, but his wife Nashandra, piece of Manus, had other plans. Seek strength. There are some speculations about what it means to be Unkindled. Izalith tried to make a new flame like the First Flame, but failed and made Choas and the demons. However, it was such that Fire's opposite, Dark, and the race born of it, The Humans, did not wane, but grew in power as Fire faded, so that it would one day be that only Dark would remain. It is clearly a recreation of the journey of the first game, snuffing out the flames of lords to open the way to Gwyn, tracing the path of the protagonist of Dark Souls 1. In attempting to access the gate to the barracks of Farron's Legion, seemingly to be the very same gate that once protected Artorias's gravesite, one must initiate a rite, extinguishing 3 flames, one each before a mural of Nito, The Bed of Chaos, and the Four Kings (a fourth, of Seath the Scaleless, is hidden in the game files, but was not implemented in game due to game design). *Speculation: In Dark Souls 1, it is hinted that The Darkroot Garden were once where Oolacile was situated, as both are similarly forested and have similar views of Anor Londo, and because the scarecrow guardians of the forest of Oolacile are very similar to the strange animated tree creatures found centuries later in The Shaded Woods, while the sentient mushroom found in Oolacile, Elizabeth, bears great resembalence to the Mushroom men first encountered in The Darkroot Garden. The miracle Attonement is found nearby, indicating that these Forlorn are likely outcasts of the Sable Church of Londor. After some time,  whoever ruled the kingdom made him link the flame, not for saint but for might, as Hawkwood tells us. They are guided along by Firewitches, said in their lore to have once been holy knights, yet corrupted by the profane flame (indeed, their armor resembles both that of Paladin Leeroy from Dark Souls 1 and Fume Knight Raime of Dark Souls II). This sad tone is played at the end of your quest and it is what defines your character. Indeed, although Anor Londo itself is filled with priests directly worshipping Aldrich, the city of Irithyll is synonomous only with Sulyvahn. It is theorized that afterward the kingdom was likely buried by the Abyss Watchers to prevent the Spread of The Abyss. If Irina sinks into Darkness Eygon takes her away and fights the player. The autor draw it probably cause he liked to see the Dark Souls universe in that way. A land of gray crags, Archtrees and Everlasting Dragons. ", "Garb worn by inhabitants of the Undead Settlement. Upon awakening, Manus' humananity went wild and began to consume Oolacile, thus creating the Abyss, a place of pure darkness and turning the mankind of the city into monsters, Manus taking their princess, Dusk, captive. Increases faith. "One of the Father of the Abyss' spawn, that confounded quintessence of humanity. <------ good lord, For those confused, let me put the story in a shorter way. What change in the beliefs of the Way of White came about that this act of being overcome by darkness would come to be idolized is unclear. Sister Friede seeks to let everything in the Painting rot, for unclear reasons. What is the best weapon to infuse with magic or best int scaling weapon in dark souls 3. Then you must first take the throne. When two Embers clash (you and Sister Friede, the Ember that came to the painting before you), the world can finally burn. Like the Fire Keeper, he is bound by the flame to serve. Nameless, accursed undead, unfit even to be cinder. All men trust fully the illusion of life. Thus began the age of men, the Age of Dark. This is the Cycle of Perpetual Fire and Twilight. Fledgeling Hollow, may we meet again. Other gods form a court around Gwyn, including Flann The Fire God. What role the squire fulfills as a symbol in Irithyllian Society is unknown. Cinders aims to provide a fresh experience through Dark Souls 3. How do you do. Clinging to his Age of Fire, and in dire fear of humans,and the Dark Lord who would one day be born amongst them, Lord Gwyn resisted the course of nature, by sacrificing himself to link the fire, and commanding his children to shepherd the humans, Gwyn has blurred your past, to prevent the birth of the Dark Lord. Indeed, it appears that the focal point of pilgrimage of the Pilgrims is to see Prince Lothric, although the reasons for this, either to beg him to link the fire, or worship him for not doing so, or for some belief tied to the angels, or for some fourth, unknown reason, are unclear. The 5 Lords are Aldrich Saint of the Deep, Ludleth the Exiled, Yhorm the Giant, Farron's Undead Legion, and Lothric, the last hope of his line. Except its consumed by the abyss, no sky, all blackness. Likewise, none of the other areas besides The High Wall of Lotheric are even visible from Firelink, while all of the areas are to some extent visible to each other from the other areas. The Irithyll Slaves encountered in Dark Souls III appear to wear the ragged remains of the Retainer Robe worn by the enemy of the same name encountered in Dark Souls II, the purposeless servents of The Ivory King left to wander the city. Many of the techniques used in burial in the Undead Settlement appear to in fact have originated from torture techniques used in Irithyll Dungeon. The Abyss Watchers swore on their share Wolf's Blood to relink the Flame. Warning: Massive spoilers ahead, don't keep reading if you want to deduce things by yourself or haven't beaten the game yet.Everything that is speculation will be tagged under theory or written with words that express uncertainty. Those who ascend to the Throne become strong enough to Link the Flame, which is what we do after defeating Nashandra and stopping her plans of an Age of Dark. Please note that while the dark firelink shrine is covered in an abyss, the rest of Lothric is fine. While leveling, you'll earn 3 points for each level up, which you can spend on this Ability branch.. Sorcery Abilities improve the use of Staves, Chakrams, and Sceptres. Use to acquire many souls, or transpose to extract its true strength. (Chest) Of the Archdeacons of the Deep, one (Klimt) attended to Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth, whom he deemed a goddess.