Bare bulb vs crystal chandelier for dining room lighting, for example. The key difference is while both rooms will be side-by-side, the adjoining room will have an inside door that directly connects each room. Interior design by Victoria Hagan, architecture by Peter Pennoyer. If there is a very strong rug in, say the living room, which is opposite the dining room, then work with those colors and choose a rug that has a complementary design. Imo, having different w2w carpet in different rooms would be no different than having different hardwoods in each room. While there is so much content out there about HOW to do what we do, we wanted to share some of the WHEN’s and WHY’s: When is it a good time for a lot of volume? Help choosing laminate countertop to match pink travertine backsplash. When the living room carpet needed replacing, mom did all the rooms in the new carpet and it looked much better to me. Area rugs in adjoining living and dining rooms can be linked by one color and have very different designs. “Place rug samples for adjoining rooms with the fabrics for those rooms and see how they work with each other. we have hardwoods on our main level except we carpeted our step down family room- it is a pattern and i cannot imagine using 'bedroom' carpeting in there...our upstairs hallway is hardwood with the bedrooms carpeted in similar carpeting, but different...our front stairs have one type of runner and the back a different.our finished basement has some carpeting that is also different... but, if carpeting runs room to room to room, i think it looks best to have it all the same--- it looks alittle strange when an upstairs hallway is carpeted and then each of the bedrooms has a different carpeting... but then again, if i were a kid growing up in that house, i probably would want a different carpet in my bedroom than what was in the hall!! We ended up with a light color (called quartz) in the LR, DR, upstairs hall, and 2 upstairs BRs. The different fiber cuts are sometimes arranged in geometric patterns, giving the carpet a … The carpet might outlive us, or we might move. Every star needs a supporting actor and the same is true for rugs. Your advice to your mother is correct, she should be consistant in selecting one colour of carpet to run through to adjoining rooms. A good supporting rug enhances the beauty of the statement rug by giving it context, but does not compete with it for attention. But I'm guessing these decorating "rules" come and go, just like everyone used to use the same paint thru out (and it was white or close to it). If after this tour you decide to freshen the neglected rooms, where would you start? We chose all the same sisal. My bedroom as a teenager had a different carpet from the adjacent living room. and how to have area rugs in adjoining living and dining rooms? In any event, due to both time and budget we replace all the carpet with new carpet. (*MBath actually did have carpet except for room with toilet and showerâ¦.ewwww--now has new sheet vinyl). The living room has a statement rug – a blue Oushak rug and the dining room has a custom made blue and white floral rug. Interior design by Susan Nelson. I think I have become paranoid after hearing a snotty remark about different colour carpets on one of those house programmes. I like sisal because it is so versatile. With a transition piece, you could make it look alright, but I would suggest just picking a direction and sticking with it across all rooms. Detail views of the rugs in the adjacent living room, hallway and dining room: Living room: Thera Oushak rug 3220B; Foyer: Sigma 1804BC cut and loop oriental rug. So, in my limited personal experience, it's not just tract houses that have the same flooring throughout. The rooms are different from the hallway and different from the lobby. Very disappointing. These carpets are very soft and thick, making them perfect for family rooms where people lie on the floor to watch TV or play games. 9. None of the 3 can be seen from any of the other carpeted rooms. I think it is interesting that people think the same carpet throughout looks commercial. When colors are matched too closely, the room will lack energy. In this case you create links through the color of walls, fabrics and accessories as illustrated in the rooms below: A green and white geometric rug (Bamboo needlepoint rug) contrasts with a yellow rug in the hallway and a red and white rug (Bergamo 1327BR needlepoint rug) in the living room (pictured below). Here are two examples: Left: The living room has a statement rug a floral trellis rug Branches 7172E Oriental rug. I don't think it would be a problem if you could tho (of course there are exceptions). Same thing downstairs. Use one carpet style as a border, and use a lighter or more simple carpet as the main field color for the room. Right: The dining room is visible from the living room so Jackie suggested a cream and beige geometric rug Bombay CD needlepoint rug .The beige geometric rug complements the living room rug but does not compete with it. Photo about: Best Decoration with Painting Adjoining Rooms Different Colors, Title: Painting Adjoining Rooms Different Colors Style, Description: .. , Tags: Ideas for Painting Adjoining Rooms Different Colors,Painting Adjoining Rooms Different Colors in Different Rooms,Painting Adjoining Rooms Different Colors in on Open Floor Plan,Painting Adjoining Rooms Different Colors on Walls,Rules … Many decorators start with the rug as it makes it easier to find complementary fabrics, paint colors and accessories. It is a slightly darker color and has a raised square pattern like a large berber. If a door separates the rooms, lay the flooring in either direction will work well. But to save money, they put carpeting over the hardwoods. But, if you get the most durable carpet that will meet the demands of the most trafficked areas and use that same carpet throughout the whole house, then it seems you're overpaying for carpet for most of the house- you're getting carpet more durable than needed for the rest of the house. Presumably you are. It had wtw carpet throughout except for the kitchen (hardwoods), front entry (tile) and baths (sheet vinyl or tile). A carpet cuts heating costs, because it insulates the warm air in the room from the cold underfloor area; and the air pockets between the carpet fibers also serve to store heat. Thoughts needed for mix and match Countertop. And yet, somehow, the general public has interpreted this as flooring must be the same throughout the house. For the stairs Jackie recommended a blue and white striped runner rug (not shown). Your email address will not be published. We bought a home recently and carpeted the master bedroom/dressing room in one carpet and the stairs in another. Interior design by Justine Sancho. Study the existing decor of the adjacent rooms. However, it came in varying blends of wool and synthetic, and we put the best stuff in our MBR and the toughest stuff on a stair runner. That leads us to … Go For the Flow ~ Think of your floors as the “backdrop” of your home. We looked at just doing the stairs in hardwood, but it was very costly. But we are fine with it now and like it a lot. But the 1954 house was definitely not. I had some carpet installed in my home. You don't have to choose just one, Give your kitchen unexpected flavor by combining wood, stone, glass and more. I would say for average tract built houses, the same flooring throughout the house is extremely common. Tomorrow he's making a template for a double grand staircase. All other rooms we had the hardwoods refinished and have rugs. amberm, The ol' tract homes. example, kids room had new blue pile installed 5 years … Floors upstairs - mix of carpet and wood? Then our contractor recommended a flatter pile with a raised pattern for the stairs. Carpet is still widely used in other rooms in the house. I prefer a consistent flooring throughout. Nope. Your home’s flooring is one of the more expensive investments you’ll make when decorating the interior. So, I wouldn't want to do that in my house. Choose from elegant patterns, to bold geometrics and elongating stripes. I discussed with with my husband tonight during dinner. Mix and match definitely rules. Emphasize style and decor with neutral colors and analogous textures. Maybe commercial wasn't the right word, but I didn't want to offend anyone and say it reminds me of every tract house or tract apartment building I have ever been in. If you are looking for a dining room rug, look and see what the room opposite has and what’s going on in the hallway and in the foyer and then look at what’s going on in the room opposite that. Avoid the temptation of matching the of the rugs too perfectly. When we're figuring bids for whole houses, there are always multiple carpet colors/patterns. So, adjacent rooms (next to each other) may also be adjoining rooms if they have a doorway between them. Interior design by Stephen Shadley. As adjectives the difference between adjoining and adjacent is that adjoining is being in contact at some point or line; joining to; contiguous; bordering: an adjoining room while adjacent is lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on. Has anybody ever mixed and matched carpeting, where they used different carpeting for different rooms? (Hardwood, not carpet.). Imo, having different w2w carpet in different rooms would be no different than having different hardwoods in each room. Mix and match carpet styles in adjoining rooms or spaces. The striped rug would add a pattern that complements all the other rugs. I need to find something to go across the floor so they are separated. As a verb adjoining is (adjoin). The rooms will look “collected not decorated” because the three rugs have different shades of blue as well as different textures. We have wall to wall sisal in bedrooms and in our office. The colour in the living room is slightly different than in an adjoining room. Juxtapose a cut pile carpet next to a flat-weave rug or a cut and loop carpet makes each room look special. If you have a large living room and want to use patterned carpet to break up the expanse of floor space, consider fitting two different designs. The living room rug has a gray contemporary rug with dark blue pinstripes which link it with the dining room’s blue walls and blue oriental rug. I wanted the proven wear of nylon for the stairs. Adjoining is a synonym of adjacent. Connecting rooms are also next to each other, but these rooms are connected by a door. By using different carpet in every room, it will give the house a "chopped up" feel and make the rooms seem smaller as well. Oh, I guess some restaurants have carpeting, but there generally aren't separate rooms really so the issue at hand doesn't seem to apply. flooring tile ,mixed,orhardwood no carpet. So, if all the carpeting needs to match, then that means I'll have to replace everything even though most of the carpet is still okay. The rest of the house is wood or stone. These carpets are sometimes known as cut-and-loop or patterned carpets. Adjacent is a synonym of adjoining. 2. This is perhaps not going to be of great interest to your guests. Detail views of the rugs in the adjacent bedroom sitting area and living room: Bedroom sitting area: Green and white Bamboo Needlepoint Rug 1337CG; Living room: Red and white Bergamo Needlepoint Rug 1327BR. The walls are all shades of gray. Ideally, it’s good to have a seamless flow from room-to-room, and having the same flooring throughout the common areas of your home provides that flow. Check It Out! Flooring should be chosen on a room by room basis. Right: The dining room is visible from the living room so Jackie suggested a cream and beige geometric rug Bombay CD needlepoint rug .The beige geometric rug complements the living room rug but does not compete with it. Try corner samples of rugs in the rooms. Interior design by Victoria Hagan, architecture by Peter Pennoyer. A big majority of the houses DH puts carpet in is only in the bedrooms, master closets that are larger than most bedrooms, and runners on staircases. The carpet that is used for these runners typically run over $100/yard (material only). For different size of floorings in different locations there are different concepts that I might share to you. But, there also seems like there should be a better way of carpeting that can handle the demands of different rooms. One thing we also did was leave a border of hardwood in the upstairs hallway. It is so much easier to keep clean, and it is so warm and quiet. Vanguard Studio Inc. Save Photo All wood in one area flows into a wood-and-stone pattern in the living room creating even better flow than if all wood changed to all stone. How to Pick Area Rugs for Adjoining Living and Dining Rooms. A medium colored seafoam green in a bedroom, a chocolate brown pattern in a bedroom and an antelope print in the den. Keep the look between the two rooms smooth and safe by ensure that proper transitions are installed between the spaces. I used the same carpet in the dressing room and the front bedroom, but wanted a different carpet in the back bedroom, so they change at the doorway. The same beige builder grade carpeting throughout. How to Pick Complementing Rugs for One Room. For formal settings, the best kinds of carpet are plush, or "cut pile," and Velvet. Create a more distinctive look by pairing rugs of contrasting colors. We replaced our upstairs carpet last year. I can't imagine having different hardwoods in each room, but carpeting or rugs, I can't imagine having a whole house full of the same. Wall to wall carpet, except for bedrooms, is losing popularity. If we would have had an additional 2 weeks of time we might have done hardwoods in the living and DR. Left: The living room has a statement rug a floral trellis rug Branches 7172E Oriental rug. Then, the carpet is forced into the toothed side of the strip, which holds the carpet backing much the way tackless strips are used to secure a carpet around the perimeter of a room. (Personally, I prefer hardwoods over carpet both for looks and for health as I have severe dust mite allergies.) Detail views of the rugs in the adjoining living and dining rooms: (My limited hotel experiences are mostly in the US in mid-price point hotels.). Welcome to Adjoining Rooms While discussing what we missed most about our careers in hair and makeup, we quickly realized it was the creative process of designing a look. The red and cream Bergamo 1327BR needlepoint rug inspired the red Venetian plaster walls of the living room. Ensure that the transition between different flooring in two adjoining rooms happens in a straight line at the threshold of the room. 12. Interior designers derisively call this  “matchy, matchy” decorating because these rooms lack energy and excitement. Eventually you will be able to pull it all together,”concludes Jackie Ostrander. Stay away from polyester. My husband installs carpet and wood flooring for a couple of upscale flooring stores and several contractors in Texas. Read this blog post on how to coordinate rugs in open plan rooms, 16 Ways to Coordinate Designer Rugs in Open Plan Rooms. Are you talking about wall-to-wall? The blue-green wingback chairs and ottoman link the living room with the bedroom sitting area. And I totally agree everything you said. The guest room is a plush cut pile with a pad vs. the exercise room with a low level loop and no padding. Tricky Triangular Windows - Who Can Make Shades?? You could think of it as overpaying for the low traffic areas, but I wouldn't. We redid the kitchen and installed porcelain tile, there's still ceramic in the main hall and bathroom and laminate flooring in the living room dining room area. Bombay CD San Marco Needlepoint Rug 1125CD, blue and white rug with a small scale geometric pattern. Left: Entrance hall, Middle: Living room, Right: Dining room. The living room is linked to the entry and dining room through the yellow walls and yellow accents in the oriental rug. I can see switching in a room used for a special purpose, as in someone's example of an exercise room, but having a different carpet in each bedroom looks like a hodgepodge to me. First, study what is in the home already. See Also Diy Plywood Floors 9 … Heighten drama by juxtaposing rugs of different textures and weaves. If you do go with hardwoods and carpets, obviously you can put different rugs in different rooms. I think that's one of those things potential buyers balk at. Agree with the person who says that wall-to-wall is pretty out now. As everyone knows carpet has fallen in popularity but it's definitely not gone. Interior design by Stephen Shadley. Tags: adjoining room rugs, aqua rugs, Best rugs, Blue Rugs, floral rugs, Geometric Rugs, oriental rugs, oushak rug, Your email address will not be published. For me, the rug should serve the purpose of the room. But I digress. The only commercial setting I can think of for carpet is a hotel and the hotels I have been in have had different carpets in different areas to the best of my memory. Rooms are more interesting when their colors are related, but not the same. A key rule for choosing rugs for adjoining rooms or for an open plan room is to choose rugs that have complimentary patterns and have one or two colors in common such as the damask pattern Valencia 6024GD oriental rug on the left and the Greek key geometric pattern Sigma 1804YH oriental rug on the right. For the stairs Jackie recommended a blue and white striped runner rug (not shown). You can dial up the drama even more by juxtaposing rugs of contrasting colors such as a red rug for the living room and a green rug for the adjoining bedroom. I have one carpet on the stairs, another in the exercise room and another in the guest room. Plush carpets have a level surface, which … I'm on a budget, have a smaller cheaper home (worth $250,000) in a nice neighborhood (homes cost $300K+), but I'm on a tight budget now and want to install new nice quality "carpet remnants" from the flooring store. Valances will make the room look smaller and emphasize the lower ceiling, and if they are elaborate they will cost more as they are more labor intensive to make. According to the trade journal “Floor Covering Weekly,” carpet accounts for more U.S. sales than all other flooring types combined. First of all i have 3 different flooring types going on o. my main floor which is awful and a fourth of carpet going up the stairs. In this example the living room and dining room are separated by the foyer and stairs. 25 Unique Different Color Hardwood Floors In Adjoining Rooms - the Carpets Gotta Go and Youre Thinking Hardwood Flooring now. The 1939 was tract housing, I'd say. Just to clarify on my "commercial" point, I can see it both ways. The living room on the left has a gray rug with dark blue pinstripes and the dining room on the right has a blue rug with gray mirror frame against blue walls. My natural inclination was to use the same carpet for the entire house to tie everything together and make it all flow. 7. In our house, we have 3 different carpets. Don’t: Install carpet in rooms where food preparation or dining takes place. crl, you've covered a lot of time and a lot of decorating trends so naturally there is going to be a big variety in what you've experienced. Some of the rooms have rugs that are simply carpeting cut and bound to fit the room. An antique gold and navy Portuguese needlepoint rug graces the entrance hall. I meant in houses where cost is more of a concern, having only one choice of carpet, one colour of hardwood, and one choice of vinyl or tile is common because it's more cost effective. “Ask your interior designer to come in and think about fabrics”. The dining room is linked to the living room with the yellow and red accents in the oriental rug and the yellow walls. People often pay a premium for aesthetics. Can't wait to see what they're putting on it! All I wanted was hardwood floors! You could be a bit more daring with a simple soft sheer in a vibrant color. St. Francis Inn Bed and Breakfast, St. Augustine: "Balcony room shows two different carpets brown..." | Check out answers, plus 1,521 reviews and 812 candid photos Ranked #7 of 30 B&Bs / inns in St. Augustine and rated 5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. You can use two matching carpets for the living and dining areas of an open plan room and then add variety be picking different colors for the upholstery in the two spaces such as yellow and gold for the living area and red and gold for the dining area. Design dos and don’ts of area rugs 5. Instead of matching you can choose different rugs that have one or two colors in common as these custom neoclassical rugs in the bedroom, media room and living room in Paris designed by Jean-Louis Deniot. The gray metallic frame around the mirror links the dining room with the adjacent living room. Look for supporting rugs that carry through some of the colors of the statement rug. Same as in my previous 1939 and 1954 houses--hardwood throughout with the exceptions in those houses of the kitchens, bathrooms and basements. "Should I carpet my stairs with the same carpet I will use upstairs? But the carpet I would have in … Regarding the transition, a door jamb handles that. We have area rugs over the sisal in a few bedrooms. As a PP stated, having all matching carpeting throughout seems very commercial. I'd have to ask DH but I don't recall the last whole house bid that included just one color and style of carpet (but I'm sure there are some). “Try large corner samples of the rugs in the home and live with them for a week,” says Ostrander. Perhaps the difference is high end vs not, as some have suggested. And I didn't mean that it's ONLY true for tract houses. Although it does look nice with same carpet throughout doesn't it - even if each room has a different colour scheme. 4. Combine carpet with area rugs to anchor furniture groupings. We would have had to replace all the plywood subfloor in three bedrooms, a large hallway, and a sitting room to prepare it for hardwood. Having doors that lock on each side allows the hotel to use the rooms separately for two different sets of guests. Matching carpeting throughout reminds me of commercial spaces...offices and hotels. Patterned carpets can be used to create different interior styles, including modern and traditional living room schemes. Use carpet to make a bold color statement. The living room and the kitchen are two of the most-used rooms in the home but their needs are very different, which often results in two different flooring types in these spaces. He said it's most UNcommon to see a whole house of the same carpet. If you're set on wall-to-wall, you can break it up where there are doors, so with the doors closed, the break isn't so jarring. Because laminate is available from a variety of manufacturers and each maker has several types of flooring, two different laminate floors cannot be a continuous installation, but you can connect them without too much difficulty. Can't decide on a specific color or stain for your kitchen cabinets? 3. Should you even try to match area rugs in adjoining rooms or should they all be different? But they will nonetheless appreciate the soft touch on the feet, and the cosy feeling it gives a room. Hmm. If you're adding a second laminate floor to a room that already has laminate installed on half of the floor, you may be concerned about joining the floors. I was mostly referring to carpet. Most home buyers want some type of hard surface flooring in the public rooms that can receive area rugs. How Well Matched Do Rugs in Adjoining Rooms Have to Be? I would say most high end homes with wall to wall (not that there are many) have mix and match. We're the entry-level home in a neighborhood of young professionals, who often move to bigger homes as their families grow. The carpeting are all shades of greige, and due to the different natural light available they look the same color, even though they are not. Since green and red are contrasting colors, designer Susan Nelson linked the two rooms through the colors of the upholstery fabrics, pillows and walls. The downstairs family room and bedroom are a higher nap carpet than upstairs, so better for the family room which is over slab instead of plywood. Kitchen Confidential: 7 Ways to Mix and Match Cabinet Colors, Mix and Match Kitchen Materials for a Knockout Design, NOT JUST DRAPES: Mix And Match Treatments To Dress Up Windows, More Mixing than Matching: In the Dining Room, Mix and Match Your Kitchen Cabinet Styles, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery. Are there rules for how to coordinate different area rugs? Even tho I have 3 rooms of carpet (all different), a room of wood, two of travertine tiles and 3 of porcelain and 7 paint colors and every room has a different feel, they all work well together (I think). I'm just curious what everybody else does with their carpet. Should You Match Rugs in Adjoining Rooms? Detail views of the rugs in the adjoining living and dining rooms: The Branches Oriental Rug 7172E is also available as a Needlepoint rug and as an Aubusson rug. How to Use Different Flooring in Different Rooms. Interior design by Stephen Shadley. It was a bit of an adjustment going from all hardwoods to all wall to wall. If you're thinking in terms of future sale of the house ,though, I'd stay away from wall-to-wall. The foyer has a blue and white rug with a small scale geometric pattern (Sigma Oriental rug) which forms a bridging link between the living room and dining room rugs. Interior design by Stephen Shadley. The key to picking complementing rugs for one room is to pick rugs that have at least one color in common as the red and gold geometric patterned Ascot 1326RGD Needlepoint rug and the red, gold, green and white Empire 1910A needlepoint rug. 1. Consistency will provide a "flow" and make the spaces seem larger. 10. I wanted to choose my own colour for my bedroom, and I wasn't allowed because it would cost more than just running beige throughout. Some people have wall-to-wall in some rooms but not all, i.e. That was absolutely the effect in my parents' home from my teenage years. We have decided to carpet the majority of the house in a lighter carpet but were wondering if we should change the colour of the carpet for this particular isolated room. Pick a rug for the dining room that does not compete with the living room rug. They seldom remodel. Just that a couple posts above mine mentioned higher end houses having different flooring in different rooms being common. I know there are different levels of carpeting, and not all will be builder grade. Select quieter rugs to support statement rugs. I asked Jackie Ostrander, a highly sought after rug consultant to interior designers in Greenwich, Connecticut, Palm Beach and Naples, Florida to help me answer these questions. You can create a stylish look by pairing carpet runners of a different style with oriental rugs that can be seen in adjoining rooms as in this chic stair landing where a tonal beige stair runner with a leaf pattern provides a soothing contrast to the high contrast black and white marble floor and two jewel toned traditional oriental rugs in colors that do not coordinate. However, that doesn’t mean carpet is a thing of the past. I love the carpeting in my master. But, I'm reading that carpets are rated differently for durability and that your carpeting should depend on the expected traffic in that room. We looked at Smartstrand, but we found a Shaw Anso Nylon pattern which was just as soft to the touch as SS--important for bare feet in the bedrooms. how to pick complementing designer rugs for one room? An edge gripper is installed by being tacked to the subfloor. Carpet flowing from room to room looks no more commercial than a house with the same hardwood or tile in the whole house (or most rooms). My first apartment was in a wonderful old complex. It is used to transition to any adjoining surface that is lies lower the carpet. The stone and carpet being very close in colour minimises the visual impact of the flooring change so the room still flows uninterrupted. I understand the uniformity aspect, and how it creates a nice flow, but for me, I like that uniformity with hardwoods. 270 locations nationwide! Watch Video of Designer Eric Guenther’s tips for mixing patterns, 13. Many homes have a level loop carpet or short tight cut pile on the stairs for durability that coordinates, but changes to a different type of carpet for the bedroom areas. Imagine you are leading guests on a tour of your home. You would definitely want something more durable on the stairs. I hadn't really considered that before, and that' explains why there's a few areas of carpeting that need to be replaced while the carpet everywhere else is fine. The Bombay rug can be custom ordered in any size either as an oriental pile rug or as a flat weave rug or a cut and loop pile rug. (Our current house is over $800,000 in value but we live in a very HCOLA and I would not say it is a high end house at all.). However, choosing a rug raises such questions as- how well matched do rugs in adjoining rooms have to be? Are There Rules for How to Coordinate Different Rugs? And I do know that a lot of it is regional. 11. @crl, I think amberm is referring to carpeting, not hardwoods, when talking about "flooring throughout". The carpet salesman said that often people will buy and store extra carpet for the stairs, but it's only two of us and we don't wear shoes inside. While an adjoining room is always adjacent, booking an adjacent room does not mean that you will have an adjoining room. This house gets this flooring, and A) the installers aren't likely to put the wrong stuff in the wrong rooms, and B) they can use the left overs from room A in room B. It's done because it saves the builder a lot of money. Combine carpet styles to make a design statement. But I could be wrong! I have a 1926 non-tract house and the flooring is the same throughout with the exceptions of the laundry room and bathrooms. Carpet flowing from room to room looks no more commercial than a house with the same hardwood or tile in the whole house (or most rooms). If you’re looking to buy new carpet, you’re in good company. We moved over the summer to a home built in 1987. Whether it be hardwood, tile, or carpet, try and keep your flooring materials cohesive. As for the window treatments in the kitchen, try one in a similar color, but perhaps in a different fabric. . Most carpet doesn't wear out over time, it just looks terrible and can't be revived with cleaning. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery. Juxtaposing rugs with different shades of the same color, or rugs that have one color in common will create a more sophisticated look. It depends on the room and where the breaks can go. Even if it's not idea for a particular room or from a particular angle, as a whole I think you … how do you put oriental rugs in adjoining rooms? This was basically the question that a reader asked last week on one of my old blogposts about choosing flooring for an open plan house. For high traffic “living” areas in the home such as kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms, hardwood is more popular than carpet these days. For stairs and other areas that are expected to get more traffic, you'll need more durable carpeting than for something like the bedroom. Here’s how to get the mix right, Combine contrasting materials for a kitchen all your own, 10 Tips on How To Outfit Your Bed With Contrasting Patterns, The creative interior: Here's how to get that perfectly unpredictable look just right, See how to work with greens with varying undertones for contrast and color in the garden and home. I can't imagine a whole house of hardwoods would be considered out of date or just for tract houses. All these colors are found in the Midsummer Night Oriental rugs. The gold color is carried through to the living room and dining room oriental rugs and walls.