the efficient provision of public goods (the other is to maintain order).1 Without such provision, the economy and society will not prosper. 2) Altruism: We will return to this point in the next section. The distinctive features of public goods are, … A market economy is unlikely to satisfy the efficiency conditions for the supply of public good for two reasons First, many public goods are non-excludable. Provision of clean air is a public good. the law of diminishing marginal utility is important to the provision of public goods because _____, thus explaining the downward slope of the collective demand curve a. as is true for private goods, successive units of any good yield less and less added costs Construction and maintenance of roads is a public good. Private provision works better when: 1) Some Individuals Care More than Others: Private provision is particularly likely to surmount the free rider problem when individuals are not identical, and when some individuals have an especially high demand for the public good. The second problem is that the implied size of the public budget would be even higher than it was with naive contributors. Determinants of efficient public good provision: hypotheses. Provision of safe drinking water and electricity are recognized in law as public goods, in that these services are provided by public utilities. in view of (8), imply that /3 is chosen to be 1. provision of public goods. Efficient Provision of Public Goods With private goods consumers decide what quantity to buy for any given market price. Efficient provision of the public good would require ~'--t MRSi= 1 and thus. Now that we have a clear understanding of the appropriate inputs and outputs when analyzing efficient provision of public goods, it remains to describe what might explain variations in efficiency across jurisdictions. For testing the theoretical model’s implications about public goods provision in Proposition 3, we use answers to questions regarding the quality of public services such as infrastructure, health and education, security, etc., and the efficiency of the government on delivering those services as proxies. For example, defence and police services. Public Choice (2013) 156:31^3 DOI 1 0. But for /3 = 1, the above tax-subsidy scheme fails. Both national and local governments have public good responsibilities. Minimization of contagious disease is a public good. 1 007/s 1 1 127-012-9942-z Efficiency in the provision of pure public goods by private citizens C.M. The problems associated with the existing state of income distribu­tion in any society, put a constraint on achieving allocative efficiency in the case of public goods provision. Lindsay • William R. Dougan Public goods are different than private goods in demand because of non-rivalry ¤ A single unit can be enjoyed by multiple individuals ¤ Benefit of having one more unit = sum of individual marginal benefits Efficient provision of public goods (non-rival/ non-excludable) 25