Ten interesting facts about sharks Share. Here are 10 amazing facts about great white sharks that you probably didn’t know. They control the food chain from the top down, feeding on the weakest specimens first and keeping the marine ecosystem in balance. The main framework of their bodies is made from cartilage, which is the same substance our noses and ears are made from. The scientific name for them is, “Rhincodon typus”. How much do you know about the great white shark? What are three interesting fun facts about the great white shark? Whale Shark size, they are the largest fish in the world.. 2. Carcharodon carcharias comes from the Greek words, namely kacharos, which means sharp, and odous, which means tooth. 12 Facts About Great White Sharks. Great white sharks are apex predators of the ocean, just as man is the apex predator on land. 4 to 6 metres (12 to 21 feet) Key features. Great White Shark Facts: Great white shark attacks on boats – While they do not frequently attack yet on other times they even sink boats. They’ll even eat tyres and leather jackets for sustenance. Their distant cousins are the Sand Tiger Sharks, but they’re more closely related to Great … It can swim at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) has a torpedo-shaped body. Updated on August 7, 2013. sharkfacts. This limits how much a great white shark is able to reproduce which can cause problems with human fishing taking so many great white sharks out of our oceans every year. Sharks can generate up to 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure in a single bite. Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Sharks. Great white sharks are warm-blooded creatures a bit like mammals. Great White Shark Facts. Although most sharks are fierce hunters, they have the same basic body shape and organs as most other fish. This sort of behaviour is particular to Great White’s among sharks and they are thought to be the only shark that does it. Learn more about one of the largest predatory animals in the ocean from Discovery.com and Shark Week. 58. Most of these, however, are not fatal. Interesting facts about great white sharks include… Great white sharks are predatory fish that have up to 3,000 serrated 3-inch teeth and can measure up to 16 feet in length and weigh around 5,000 lbs. There are many different types of sharks including the great white shark, hammerhead shark, bull shark, tiger shark and mako, they all offer varied and interesting information so read on and enjoy our cool shark facts. Some of these facts might just surprise you! They belong to the group called Chondrichthyes, which includes sharks, rays, and skates. Discover ... dominated the oceans and were a close relative of today’s great white shark. Top three interesting facts about great white sharks in more detail But what is Spy Hopping? See a great white shark up close Gallery. Sharks do not have a single bone in their bodies. The great white is at the top of the food chain and has few threats in the ocean. Great white sharks are undoubtedly impressive predators. Melissa & Doug Shark Buy Now . As they grow larger, they feed more exclusively on marine mammals, such as sea lions, seals and small whales. Humans are not actually on a great white’s hunting menu. Great White Sharks congregate in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in an area known as the White … Scientists have broken the genetic code to an incredible beast dominating for over 500 million years. How Big Was It? They are built to hunt large prey, and can most certainly injure humans. Interesting Facts About Great White Sharks for Kids. Wow your friends with these interesting shark facts! In reality, this is far from the truth. Further, they can swim at speeds of up to 35 mph and reach depths as far as 3,900 feet. Wow – the possibilities. It has an upper row of 23 to 28 teeth and 20 to 26 teeth on lower jaw. ... Just like all sharks, Great White Shark doesn’t have true bones. One of the interesting Great White Shark facts is that 30 kilograms of whale blubber is enough to feed a 4.5-meter white shark for 1.5 months! With its razor sharp teeth, pitch black eyes, and 2,000-pound body, the great white shark isn’t exactly man’s best friend. Great White sharks are the crowning glory of evolution. They have knocked and bumped people overboard, usually creating a lot of destruction. Great White sharks are the only fish that poke their head out of the water to "investigate" the surface The largest and strongest known predatory fish in the sea, the Great White shark (also called White Death ), can grow up to 30 feet long and is the only fish that lifts its head out of the water as if to investigate surface objects. The world's largest known predatory fish, the Great White Shark lies at the very top of the marine food chain. They’re the fourth largest shark behind the Whale Shark, Basking Shark, and Great White. As fierce as they may be, pound-for-pound, great white sharks do not have the strongest bites in the ocean. It’s about time to learn great white shark interesting facts. Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish in the ocean. Today there are more than 450 known species of sharks living in our oceans. 15 of 29. The gestation period for a great white shark is about 18 months. Dorsal side (their backs) of the shark's body is dark in color (black, grey, brownish) and their bellies are completely white. #1 – Pregnancies & Pups. 3. Interesting Facts About the Great White Shark. Here are some interesting facts about Great White Sharks, including the BIGGEST ever recorded in the world! Thanks for watching this episode of Fast Facts! Deep Blue is a female, almost seven meters long (21 ft) and around 50 years old. Most people know very little about Great white sharks and this has resulted in them being one of the most misunderstood marine species. Sun-sentinel.com has the details.. ... Great white sharks use body language to communicate with one another. Contact Author. Get some interesting facts about this mighty shark in the upcoming AnimalSake article. Here are some fascinating facts about great white sharks especially for kids. Lifespan: Great white sharks can live from 30 to 100 years in the wild. Interesting Facts About Sharks. Sharks have been around longer than dinosaurs but are often misunderstood as terrifying monsters. Despite being much maligned and publicly feared, surprisingly little is understood of the white shark’s life and behavior. They are powerful enough to launch their 2 -tonne bodies out of the water and are the ocean's apex predators which make them therefore much less abundant than other large sharks. That doesn’t change the fact, however, that these animals are incredibly fascinating animals. Great White Shark Facts: As apex predators, the Great White Shark is vital to the health of our oceans. 1. 10 Interesting Facts About White Sharks 14 of 29. Great white sharks have a heightened sense of smell and can detect a single drop of blood in the ocean from 5 miles away. Here’s 39 interesting facts about sharks to help you appreciate them better… Sharks have survived 5 mass extinctions including the one that killed the dinosaurs. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Sharks 1. 10 fascinating facts about great white sharks. Ecology and behavior – The biggest great white shark ever recorded was 23 feet long and weighed 7,000 lbs. The largest ever recorded great white shark in the world is known under the name Deep Blue. In a few cases it is reported that they have attacked boats up to 10 meters in length. It has a slate-gray color on top and white underbelly. ; Numbers of great whites around the world are extremely low – an estimated 2000 to 3000 individuals or lower. BY Mark Mancini. Great white sharks are often responsible for a majority of the shark attacks that occur every year. White shark, any member of the largest species of the mackerel sharks (Lamnidae) and one of the most powerful and dangerous predatory sharks in the world. Here are 7 fascinating facts about this “incredible monster”… Largest great white shark. Interesting Great White Shark Facts: Females are larger than males. Based on fossil evidence, they grew between a whopping 15 to 18 metres, liking weighing more than 25 tonnes – making the great white seem tiny in comparison (6 metres in length and 2.2 tonnes)! Great White Sharks are the world's largest predatory fish, reaching up to 6 meters in length. When great white sharks are young, they feed on smaller prey, like fish and rays. These fascinating great white shark facts will have you reconsider everything you thought you knew about the ocean's apex predator. Sharp teeth, has no predators, sharp sense of smell, can track prey from great distances . Other Interesting Facts about Great White Sharks Studies have shown that great whites can live for as long as 70 years thus making the species one of the longest-living fish species known to man. 1. They are highly migratory and mobile species. Of the 100-plus annual shark attacks worldwide, a third to a half are attributed to great white sharks. Even amongst the scientific community, there are waves of fascinating unanswered questions. Specific body coloration is excellent camouflage that prevents prey from seeing the shark. These sharks can swim as fast as 35 miles per hour. Sharks don't have bones and a skeleton. There is no doubt that this species of shark and get pretty big. Top 10 Great White Shark Facts For Kids: The scientific name of Great White i.e. These aquatic creatures are incredible long-distance swimmers and often travel between the shores of South Africa and Australia. Only orcas and larger sharks … Habitat The genome of the great white shark has been mapped by a team of scientists from Nova Southeastern University and several other institutions. Learn more facts about these weird and wonderful sea creatures of the oceans. The great white shark up close › Fast Facts Length. This behaviour is where the shark will break the surface of the oceans water to detect prey. more. Sharks are one of the top predators of the oceans, and they can differ in shapes and sizes, from the largest whale sharks to the smallest dwarf lantern sharks. Great White Sharks can eat entire sea lion in a single meal. 50 Fun And Interesting Facts About Whale Sharks. A a study in Zoology revealed—researched measured the bite force of 13 different species of sharks—an eight-foot-long great white bites with 360 pounds of force, but a nine-foot-long bull shark has a bite force of 478 pounds. Tiger Sharks are the ocean’s bin men because they love to gobble up pure garbage. 25. Great White Shark can’t be kept in captivity so witnessing the White Shark in its natural environment in such close proximity is a privilege not many can boast of, which will instill in you an overwhelming respect and love for the apex predators. Let’s get on with fun facts about a great white shark. Sharks are one of the most threatened groups of vertebrates on the planet. March 8, 2018. iStock. That being said, sharks are commonly loathed and viewed as man-eating beasts. One of the more interesting aspects of Great White’s behaviour is what scientists call Spy Hopping.