Let the magic of fermentation … And I’m certainly not an expert in microbiology. There was initially lots of liquid. I have just identified a patch of few flowered leeks that I am going to use in this recipe. Ongoing research has linked garlic as preventative to heart disease, lowering cholesterol and helping to prevent the common cold. Better still, you need next to no ingredients. Simply swap the raw garlic for fermented garlic … Some people leave the root end of the cloves, but I prefer clean cloves so I cut off everything that I don’t want to consume. You will need a glass jar, two heads of garlic and one cup of local honey (you’re looking for raw, unpasteurized honey) to cover your garlic … A quarter of that would do for a standard jam jar. The plants you use should be squeaky-fresh – I don’t recommend this process to “rescue” stuff thats been lurking in your fridge for a week. For the rest of this process, i’ll be referring to making your ferment with wild garlic. What you do need to do though, and this is where your mother’s set up worked, is keep the preserved materials submerged in the fermenting juices, and free from fruit flies (which the smell of fermentation attracts). You could also try cow parsley, nettle, ground elder, sea beet, sea aster, wild cabbage, sea radish, garlic mustard, common hogweed or any green, leafy wild plant. ), but don’t go through full sterilisation. I have been planting a few bulbs every year in a shady corner of … Studies revealed that fermented garlic contains high levels of hydrogen peroxide created during fermentation which eliminates bacteria, virus, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. It is well under the brine and there are no signs of spoilage. Geat article and perfect timing for all the Wild Garlic I currently have around me..now just need to find a few more jars.. Hi Mark Was wondering does fermented garlic after going through the one month ferment need to be refrigerated in … Homemade pickled garlic is very tasty. Usually, the recommendation is to keep the garlic in a cool place. Many people that seem to be happy to spend money on expensive “probiotic” drinks (that look and taste like pus), under some vague understanding that they are good for them, balk at the idea of fermenting plants. 3. However, black garlic is different from fermented garlic and tastes sweet like a dessert. Wild garlic guide: where to find, how to cook it and recipe ideas. So, my question is, do I really need to keep any ferments in the fridge? But if it works well for you to keep it at room temperature, then just go ahead. Some feel that since raw garlic has a stronger taste than fermented garlic, they can add more fermented garlic to a recipe. Fermented garlic can be used in recipes calling for raw garlic. – Total cholesterol levels fell in the fermented garlic group, but were unchanged in the placebo group. In such cases, the garlic taste often dominates the batch. Many thanks for your useful reply. You could leave wild garlic, nettle, sea beet etc leaves whole – this is mostly a matter of preference. This has helped me have more consistent results. By the time you have three quarter filled the vessel with champed down plant, you should be aware of plenty of juice. That is another way to ferment garlic that is delicious! If you enjoy fresh garlic, you might love fermented garlic. However, I don’t think it equals fermented garlic with its unique combination of probiotic bacteria, lactic acid, and many other bioavailable nutrients created during the fermentation process. Many thanks in advance for your reply. And if you open it and discover not enough brine, do you just top it up with salt water and close it again? You can scrape the froth off if it disturbs you! I say “preparation” rather than recipe because there really is no recipe – follow the steps, experiment, find out what works for you. A lot of people get concerned about botulism. Resist all temptation to put the ferment in the fridge. This looks great and I’m definitely going to give this a go. Happy fermenting! There should be enough liquid to cover the leaves. Leave some head room. This may seem like a lot of steps, but they are all very easy and require only your green matter for fermenting, a little bit of salt and some clean jam jars or a kilner. Mark. Same reason as mentioned above. Also just finished a years rest on a grape ferment (4 gallons) didn’t go to wine first because extra fructose held ferment5 back for a month or so and then slowly turned into best fermented grape I have ever made. I’m learning a lot about foraging. great article, btw. Pack the leaves firmly into a glass or earthenware vessel. Don’t be scared! Wild Garlic Recipes . I am often short for time, or tired at the end of a day’s foraging and just want to put my feet up when I still have baskets of foraged goodies to clean or stash. it’s also not recommended to put dried ground spices in probiotic ferments as they’re more likely to introduce unwanted bacteria than whole spices or whole herbal leaves. While plants are still fermenting they emit CO2, so shouldn’t be kept airtight. A mixture of onion and garlic can add a blue tone to your garlic. Fermentation must take place in an anaerobic environment – ie. Some put some weight on top to press the garlic into the brine. So much fun! Quick question. Hi Mark! Fermented Wild Garlic There are different methods.Some people like to add salt to their vegetables, crush them and allow their own juices to do all the fermenting. The leaves are moist but packed down. As you add the leaves to the vessel, champ them firmly down with the end of a spoon or rolling pin or the like – it is important to avoid air pockets between the wet leaves. I have a question: How much is enough depends on how much you’d like to make, the plant you are using and the vessel you wish to ferment it in. V Good site – appreciate it. Studies have shown that both garlic and honey can be beneficial to preventing sickness. Blue  mould, blackening and a cheesy smell are bad signs and usually occur because you haven’t created anaerobic conditions and/or your vessel/plant matter wasn’t clean. Other fermented black garlic benefits include better heart health and blood pressure. The very opposite of an anti-oxidant. It is possible to ferment without adding any salt at all – but I suggest leaving that until you are more confident with the process. Can I just check how much chili, ginger and fish sauce you would recommend using for around 50g of greens? After 3 months, the taste is great, and I munch down 1 or 2 cloves each day. When you are happy with the flavour, remove the weighing-down item, put on the lid and keep in the fridge. All Rights Reserved. But they where never kept in the fridge but in the cellar in large stone pots with a wooden lid weighed down with a heavy stone.The lit rested on top of the vegetables which where covered with a muslin cloth. Note the bubbles. Grow Forage Cook Ferment inspires naturally minded people to live with the seasons, become more self sufficient, and protect their health. My post is based on some reports on the general effects of fermented garlic without too much science. 6. Would it freeze OK? Very simple, just mix all ingredients well in a bowl and you’re done. Mark. If you are packing into multiple vessels, ensure you add the liquid left in the bowl evenly to top up each vessel to about three quarters full. So now you need to find a way to keep the leaves weighed down beneath the level of the liquid in the vessel. If you have time, you can harvest the little bulbils and ferment or pickle them on their own – wild wild leek caviar! Store in fridge in a air-tight jar. Please explain the glaring contradiction inasmuch as Hydrogen Peroxide is a potent oxidizer. It almost seems to have its own cult following with members posting pictures of theirs almost every … Should it be refrigerated. Also, if you are sensitive to garlic/onion or have digestive problems, then you might have a reaction. I particularly like tequila and fermented wild garlic juice shooters. To me, nothing says spring like wild garlic. I like to eat raw garlic, or fermented garlic when I am feeling unwell. Spoot clams with 3 allium ferments and pickled ramson buds. 2% – 3% salt by weight is more than adequate for this process. If you are only fermenting a small amount, it can all go in the bowl at the same time. The greens should retain a surprising crunchiness for something that looks so wet and wilted. Therefore, do not take statements on this site as a substitute for professional advice, because they are not. Garlic will often try to float in honey, so some people will flip the jar upside down once a day. Leave it to ferment at ambient temperatures for at least a week, but as long as you wish. I drink the juices. I describe it as “dry” fermentation because, for the most part, I add no liquid – the plant matter ferments entirely in its own juices. Going on wild garlic, if you want to fill a 1 litre kilner, you will need a surprisingly large amount – a well filled carrier bag. Don’t waste the fermenting liquid – add it to salad dressing, sauces etc or just drink it. Ensure the vessel is clean. Jam jars work fine, or kilners if you are doing a larger amount. Leave the cloves whole but without any peel left. Hello. Yes, absolutely! Studies have found that the fermentation process dramatically raises it’s properties and bioavailability which is true of most fermented foods. ... Additionally, raw honey will ensure we have plenty of wild yeasts available for fermentation. I have about 2kgs of cloves fermenting now and would like to turn the whole crock in to sauce. Refrigerating the batch can also protect it against unwanted microorganisms. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. – Triglyceride levels dropped in the fermented garlic group, but rose in the placebo group. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Just keep the garlic submerged in the brine. My main priority is to ensure anaerobic conditions. “Wet” fermentation follows a similar process, but the plants are added to a brine. Great instructions thank you. Mark. It also has a mild taste that I like. But you might want to avoid using fermented garlic in foods you need to boil or fry since this will destroy the beneficial bacteria and sensitive nutrients. Great recipe Mark! 9. Any infusions of other flavours into the vinegars/syrups are embellishments, not necessities! On the one hand higher antioxidant activity is cited. The helpful bacteria that will preserve and give character are dormant at low temperatures. However, eating excessive amounts can cause diarrhea. But it is an important and hugely rewarding step and I urge anyone to take it for gastronomic, health and even spiritual reasons! Lacto-Fermented Wild Garlic Kimchi. This stage is important – do spend some time ensuring that your ferment is sealed by liquid from the air. This recipe is long over due: I first learned about the method to ferment garlic … Normally black garlic does not have this effect. Sometimes, because of changes in air quality, temperature, etc., it’s more difficult to keep mold from ruining the batch. All recipes and recommendations on this website are for informational purposes only and reflect my own opinions. Traditional fermenting crocks have specially designed lids for this very purpose. The most active part of fermentation happens only during a few days, and it’s during this time that pressure can build in the jar. Want to learn more about lacto fermentation? Honey has been used for its antibacterial properties for centuries as an healing aid for wounds and as a soothe… So this year, I thought I would give fermented garlic a try. So play around and see what you come up with. It might take as long as 10 minutes for the salt to start breaking down the plant fibres, thereby releasing liquid. My questions are: Do you need to sterilise the jars? Use mainly home grown or shop bought organic veg of various kinds but you have inspired me to try with foraged food. However, if sometimes do happen, here are a few common issues. If you love garlic but it upsets your stomach, fermented garlic might be your friend. On its own its usually too strong, but a 3 water : 2 vinegar : 1 sugar mix is usually delightful. I haven’t really measured it – its not critical. Fermented garlic can be used in recipes calling for raw garlic. The picture of the dehydrated stuff above… is that wild garlic on its own? However, the body also produces hydrogen peroxide, which in the right amount is able to control hormones and proteins. The Power of Salt – How to Ferment Garlic. But the result is superb. The kind of jars used is not important. Just having a go at fermenting wild garlic. © 2020 Galloway Wild Foods. Peroxide does not seem to oxidize everything it comes across but is able to oxidize specific proteins in specific places, thus turning them on or off. We offer simple and easy to understand guides and ideas for growing and foraging food and medicine; recipes and tutorials for cooking, fermenting, and preserving the harvest; and easy … Traditional fermenting crocks are made for the job – lucky you if you have one as it makes the next stage a lot easier! Will the oxygen ruin it? Not strictly necessary but recommended. However, the hydrogen peroxide leaves other proteins completely unaffected.