Piston rod gland box has to be removed as a whole from the engine, after the piston has been pulled out. July 2020. umesh chikhale sveris college of engineering pandharpur. A packing nut which when retrofitted to or assembled into a stuffing box and hydraulically or manually actuated applies force to packing in the stuffing box, compressing the packing to seal on stationary wireline or pump rods or to wipe or seal on moving wireline or rods passing through a hole in a piston rod on which there is an operating piston in the packing nut body. is 23⁄4 inches (70) for packing and 21⁄ 2 inches (64) for mechanical seals. Screwed Flange 8.15 Assignment. Construct an assembly drawing of engine parts such as stuffing box, cross heads, eccentrics, connecting rod and piston. 2. Where shaft diameter affects parts selection, use the measurement ... 18 Bearing Frame Assembly Consisting of: 185321 185321 185321 P85005 8.12 Stuffing Box Assembly 8.13 Assignment. Stuffing Box Details Mechanical Engineering. Machine Drawing, P.S.Gill, n/e, 2012, S.K Kataria and Sons, New Delhi. Stuffing Box Sealing Maximum Temperature Degrees Farenheit Standard Packed Box 1) With internal seal passage, or no liquid to seal cage. 4 inch (57) shaft diameters in stuffing box/seal chamber with sleeve. Introduction and Safety Model VIT Installation, Operation, and Maintenance 3 Introduction and Safety Safety WARNING: • The operator must be aware of the pumpage and take appropriate safety precautions to Course Outcome Cl. liquid in the stuffing box and cooling the shaft to eliminate the conduction of heat along the shaft to the bearings. Butterfly Valve Assembly Pdf. Now use the crane for lifting and removing from the system. (Stuffing Box can be overhauled without removing piston rod assembly also but it needs experienced engineer). P01,P02 CO5 Construct an assembly drawing of machine parts such as screw jack, plummer block, pipe vice and tailstock. The packing is inside the gland nut and creates the seal. P01,P02 Text Books: 1. Saved by Abdulkareem Alsayegh. Machine Drawing Pages 301 350 Text Version Fliphtml5. Stuffing Box Assembly Drawing Pdf Bicycles; Assembly Drawing Pdf; Contents. The following stuffing box sealing methods can be used, up to the temperatures listed. Assembly and Details machine drawing pdf. Stop-valve Body 8.16 Angle Cross-Pipe Joint 8.17 Assignment. 318. →an assembly drawing , →detailed drawings , →and a standard parts sheet . Stuffing box bore is 35⁄ 8 inches (92). 1) 250 -A sub-assembly drawing is an assembly drawing of a group of related parts which form a part of a complicated machine. SB1 Indicator Nut 1 SB2 Indicator Peg 1 SB3 Threaded Bushing 1 SB4 Indicator Plate 1 (Short or Tall) SB5 Stuffing Box 1 SB7 Gland 1 SB8 Hex Nut, stainless 2 SB9 Hex Nut, teflon coated 2 **17 inch sizes power limit per 100 RPM is 20HP (15kW). Assembly And Details Machine Drawing Pdf แบบงาน In 2019 Drawings. Select part numbers using the numbered drawings on pages 4,5 or 6 for identifi-cation. Bloc Autocad Autocad Isometric Drawing Isometric Drawing Exercises Mechanical Projects Mechanical Engineering Design Mechanical Design Engineering Works 3d Drawing Techniques Drawing Tips. Pipe Joint 8.18 Tilting Platform 8.19 Assignment A. Tilting Platform 8.20 Assignment B. Tilting Platform 8.21 Tilting Platform. SUPERSEAL™ STUFFING BOX/VALVE POSITION INDICATOR ASSEMBLY DRAWING SB3 SB13 SB1 SB9 SB7 SB8 SB10 SB12 SB4 SB5 SB2 SB11 Item Part Name Qty. Seal chamber bore is 43⁄ 4 inches (121). Shaft sleeve O.D. Timken Part Number Saf 22318 Inch Straight Bore Mounting Pillow. Stuffing Box 8.14 Assignment. Components A stuffing box of a sailboat will have a stern tube that's slightly bigger than the prop shaft. Loose and remove the screws and jack-up the assembly. It will also have packing nut threads or a gland nut. Drawing Order Drawings included in a working drawing package should be presented in the A standard part sheet contains information about purchased items and will not be discussed in this course.