You can also put in serving bowls and refrigerate few hours before enjoying. However for this recipe, I did strain my Greek Yogurt overnight. Let’s begin with the recipe! Good shrikhand is thick and creamy. It uses minimum ingredients and makes for a delicious after treat. Hey guys!!!! You can also refrigerate at this point to thicken it more. Remember if you have chakka (hung yogurt) available with you, this becomes an instant saffron shrikhand recipe that … Elaichi Shrikhand: A thick, creamy and smooth Indian dessert for some sweet cravings. Make Mango Shrikhand, by adding mango puree. Add the yogurt and let the water drain for 2-3 hours. Shrikhand Recipe, Learn how to make Shrikhand (absolutely delicious recipe of Shrikhand ingredients and cooking method) About Shrikhand Recipe: A thick creamy, Indian dessert from Maharashtra and Gujarat, Shrikhand has a delicious yogurt topped with Elaichi powder. To make shrikhand, the most important thing is to use fresh curd. Soon i will be posting the pictures of other versions. Take a deep bowl and line a strainer over it. Even though the yogurt was thick to begin with, the straining made it even more thicker. Step 2. Sugar (1/3 cup or to taste) 1 Tbsp warm milk. Step 3. Shrikhand is flavored with Cardamom, saffron, nutmeg. 1 Tbsp sliced pistachios. Shrikhand Recipe with step by step pictures – Shrikhand is a very quick and easy dessert which grabs just few mins of your time when you have hung curd in hand.It is a rich and delicious dessert as well, So if you haven’t planned for anything elaborate for Krishna Janmashtami this year, you can make this easy dessert even at the last minute. The picture above is of Saffron Shrikhand. Layer a muslin cloth in a strainer. Variations. The ingredients you will need: 3 cups Yogurt. A generous pinch of Saffron. Shrikhand is a delicious mouth-watering Indian sweet made up of Yogurt(Curd) which is usually called as 'Dahi' in India. Now add saffron to the warm milk and let it steep for next 30 minutes. Add rose syrup to the mixture, and you have rose shrikhand. Now the yogurt have become thick in consistency. Step by step shrikhand recipe. Since Greek Yogurt is already quite thick, it’s a good quick way to make shrikhand. After adding the flavorings, do refrigerate for best results and taste. Shrikhand is made by straining the curd with a thin cloth or a sieve. Thicker the yogurt, denser the shrikhand. Use fresh curd made with full fat milk. Step 1. Matho is slightly less dense and has many fruit for flavour as compared to shrikhand, which is thicker and creamier, and has one or two flavours dominating the dessert. A lot of times, I straight away make shrikhand with greek yogurt and don’t strain it all.