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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Friday, August 10, 2001
Federal Ponzi Scheme

I am glad to see more people using the same description for Social Security that I have been using for decades. This article by Dorothy Anne Seese is a very concise explanation of that point. Be sure to print it out & share it with your family & friends who are not on the Web and have to rely on the Democrat Party controlled media for their news.

This is another article that I discovered thanks to the hard working supporters of my new favorite website, Lucianne.com. This amazing site doesn't look like much at first; but it has become my main portal for the news every day. Even more valuable than the links to the actual cornucopia of news articles on the Web are the discussion threads accompanying each one. As with all such discussion boards, this one does have a few jerks (called "Site Pests"); but the majority of comments are very interesting. The discussion thread for Ms. Seese's article is here. Due to the massive volume of new items being posted, the threads are only alive for about two days.


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