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Tuesday, July 25, 2000
Al Gore Is A Retard
Reserving the very likely possibility that Al Gore is not even human, the only logical explanation for his behavior is that he is either retarded or mentally ill. How else can you explain the stupid things he continues to say, claiming credit for practically every invention since the wheel? It is also consistent with his wife Tipper's involvement with her favorite cause, mental illness.

I know we need to give the disabled a break, but putting a retarded or mentally ill person in charge of our country seems to be just plain irresponsible.

Of course, the media are continuing their crusade to elect Gore and destroy all of his opponents. They portray Gore as an intellectual and George W. Bush as a mental lightweight. Just as with their portrayal of the Clintons as the most ethical of leaders, reality is 180 degrees different.

Do you support communism?
It is no secret that our government has evolved from the capitalistic free enterprise based system designed by our founding fathers to one based on the concepts espoused by Karl Marx. This has been assisted by the ending of instruction of our Constitution in the government run schools, as well as by a definite socialist agenda by those in the mainstream media who consider themselves to be our leaders.

To understand what I mean, I have included the actual text from both the Communist Manifesto and the Bill of Rights. Which sounds more like our country?

What triggered this essay is the current debate over whether or not the estate tax (aka Death tax) should be repealed. A disturbing (to those of us who believe in capitalism) number of people think it's wrong for wealthy people to leave their assets to their children. They think redistribution of wealth is a good idea. Politicians and the media are doing their best to incite this class envy. Opponents of the idea of eliminating the estate tax probably don't know it, but they are announcing themselves as believers in the communist philosophy. One of its planks is the elimination of inheritances. I realize I'm overly sensitive in regard to this issue, but whenever I hear anyone defend the concept of estate taxes, they may as well be stating "I'm a Marxist." That's how I hear them. Bill Clinton's vow to veto the bill is just one more of his many pro-communist stands.

This is exactly the same response I have to anyone who defends the current income tax rate structure. They call it "progressive" to charge some people as much as 39.6%, while others are charged only 15%. In my mind, this is a big oxymoron; to call something progressive which actually is a penalty on success. As you can see in the Communist Manifesto, it's one of Marx's planks. For many years, when I hear someone defending the graduated tax rate structure rather than a flat rate, they are announcing to the world that "I'm a Marxist."

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