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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Sunday, February 17, 2002
Evil Rich

Some people are missing my sarcasm when I use the term Evil Rich.

I am a 100% pure capitalist and do not consider anyone to be evil just because of their wealth. However, I have long blasted our rulers in Washington for picking on what Dick Gephardt describes as "the winners of life's lottery." There are literally dozens of tax rules that penalize those people that our rulers consider to be the Evil Rich. The taxation of Social Security benefits is one of the worst. Congress considers anyone who has AGI of more than $25,000 to be an evil rich target.

People accept this persecution of the better off because there is a pervasive tone in this country to hate anyone who has more than you have, regardless of how that money was obtained. I think this attitude is disgusting and one way I am trying to remedy it is to expose and ridicule it. If one says nothing, it will continue to grow.

I hope that clears this up.


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