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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Sunday, July 14, 2002
It Takes One To Know One

Even the AP is picking up on the hypocrisy inherent in the outrage our rulers in DC are expressing over the creative accounting in the corporate world. They even give some examples of the shell games that our rulers routinely play with the Federal budget, on a scale that dwarfs any corporation. Any corporate executive who tried any of the tricks our rulers use would be in prison for a very long time.

While this exposure is good to see, I do have serious doubts as to whether there will ever be any changes. The same crooks keep getting reelected every time.

I had high hopes for fellow MBA George W. Bush to start cleaning the DC cesspool; but these are fading fast. It seems that his solution to every problem is more agencies and bureaucracies that will just compound the problems. Giving more money & power to the same incompetents who caused the problems in the first place has historically been the DemonRats' answer. Is Bush so concerned about not being another one-term president that he is willing to morph his administration into what an AlGore presidency would have looked like?


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