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Friday, August 09, 2002
Dirty Money

There has long been an interesting pattern with the Clinton-Rodham family. On several occasions, they have been exposed as having taken illegal money from criminals. Both Bill & Hillary's brothers were selling pardons. Hillary has been taking money from several of the corporate executives that are in the news for illegal stock trades and corrupt bookkeeping. She is now promising to donate that money to some charity, to be named later.

I have mentioned the stupidity of this logic on a number of occasions. Since when is it okay to expect no punishment just because you give back illegally obtained money after you have been caught? Can bank robbers just give back the loot and expect no criminal charges?

Here's where the media double standard (aka bias) kicks in. If these had been Republicans, you can bet that the media would be accusing them of being as crooked as the donors. The media would also be following up to verify that the money had been actually given back. However, with Democrats, they are given full credit for just saying that they intend to give it back. The media never follow up to see that the money is actually returned.

In fact, I have seen seen several stories over the past year or so saying that none of the Clinton-Rodham brothers actually carried out their promises to give back the money they took for selling pardons. I would bet anyone that Hillary will not give back any of the money she has taken from crooks either. At the most, she may move it from one of her slush funds to another, such as from her Senate campaign war-chest to her Presidential one.


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