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Saturday, December 21, 2002
Party Of the Evil Rich

Much has been said about the liberal bias permeating he mainstream media. Bias is actually too mild a term. True bias would entail presenting the actual news with a liberal slant. What the media have been doing is outright fraud; lying about the facts. There are so many examples.

The current campaign by the liberals and their sycophantic mainstream press lackeys to portray the media as biased in favor of conservatives is typical of their game plan. They want everyone to believe that Fox News, which does have a slightly conservative slant, is more influential than all of the other networks combined, which are all one-sided propaganda arms for the liberals and the Democrat Party. It's great that we finally have an alternative to the left wing ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. However, it's ludicrous to say that Fox News, which is only available via cable and satellite, can reach any more than a tiny fraction of the audience that receives the broadcast networks.

Another media fabrication that has long bugged me is their portrayal of George W. Bush as a dunce and Al Gore as a genius. The truth is 180 degrees apart. I have long been a keen student of intelligence (some call me an intellectual snob) and Gore, who barely squeaked through college and has less personality than the Disney animatronic figures, is an absolute moron. Bush, who earned an MBA degree, while frequently mangling words, is one of the smartest presidents we have had.

The false media template that triggered this rant has to do with how they portray the two major political parties. For generations, they have claimed that the Republicans are all a bunch of evil rich country club fat cats, while the Democrats are all a bunch of poor working stiffs. That's why I found this piece on donors to the parties very interesting. It seems that the big million dollar donations are predominately from Democrats, while the bulk of GOP donations are small amounts. It makes sense when you consider how most Hollywood stars are supporters of the leftist Party of the JackAss.

There is a similar disconnect between the media template and the truth in regard to the two parties' stance on racial matters; but that has already been beaten to death with the hysteria over Trent Lott.


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