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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Postal Service May Be Urged to Privatize

Here's an idea that's long overdue. Remove the Post Office's monopoly power and make them compete with UPS, FedEx and new services on a level playing field. I doubt that a private for-profit corporation would make anywhere near as many idiotic operating decisions as the bozos currently running the USPS.

Here's just one recent local example. In what is most likely a typical logistical decision by the USPS geniuses, the regional managers here in Arkansas have decided that the Harrison mail, which is sent from within Harrison and sorted separately from mail with other destinations, will be sent an hour and a half away to Fayetteville, Arkansas to be sorted and then returned to Harrison for delivery by the carriers. So, in the tiny town of Harrison, it will take at least three days for mail sent from inside Harrison to be delivered inside Harrison. This is ripe for a new company to take over local deliveries. I'm sure it's similar all around the country.


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