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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Friday, November 14, 2003
Double Taxation of Savings in the Crosshairs - Unfortunately, this idea will be pilloried with the same mantra of the left, "tax cuts for the evil rich" because under their view of the world only the wealthiest scum can afford to put money into savings accounts.

Betting on Gambling is a Risky Wager - As many people have noted, lotteries and other forms of gambling are nothing more than a tax on stupid people.

Man Asks To Buy 7 Million Lottery Tickets - Back when the PRC started its lottery, I wrote an article on how, even if a person could guarantee being a winner by buying every single combination, it would still be a stupid move. The tickets have to be bought with real money today, while the winnings are paid out over 20 or more years. Anyone with that kind of money would have to be a moron to make such an "investment."

The Clinton Snipe Hunt. Twenty years later, Arkansas is still poor. - Here in Arkansas, they have always said "Thank God for Mississippi" as an explanation for our being the 49th ranked state in terms of education quality. Billary Clinton forced through the biggest tax increase in state history to raise it from 49th to 49th. Of course, as they did while in the White House, they took credit for their intentions. With liberals, results are never important; only intentions.

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