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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Sunday, November 23, 2003
No conservative can be happy about giving at least $400 billion in additional taxpayer funding to an entitlement program. - No kidding. As with the original predictions for the cost of Medicare, the numbers being used as expected costs of the new drug benefits are understated to the max.

Bill Gates tops list of charitable givers - As it should be. The persons who have the most can donate the most.

Spending Bill in Congress Might Draw Bush Veto - If Bush were to be in any way consistent in controlling unconstitutional spending, he would also veto the pork heavy energy bill and the perpetual deficit generating Medicare drug plan.

Couric Gushes Over Rubin's Record, Blames Tax Cuts for Deficit - Expecting anything resembling honesty from Clinton worshippers like Couric is futile.

Rx for bankruptcy - Adding more benefits to the system will push an already fiscally teetering Medicare system over the edge. As is inevitable for Social Security, the only way to keep Medicare from collapsing entirely will be to deny benefits to the evil rich, regardless of how much they have paid into the system. A reminder once again that our rulers currently define "evil rich" as any person earning more than $25,000 per year or married couple earning more than $32,000 per year for purposes of taxing Social Security benefits. Similarly low thresholds for Medicare will keep the impoverishment planning consultants and creative tax accountants quite busy.

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