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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
QuickBooks For Macintosh
Things have been progressing well as we assist clients in their use of QuickBooks for more accurate and efficient bookkeeping. For most of our clients, I am able to work with their actual data files and obtain more accurate information. The frustrating thing has been working with the few clients who use Apple Macintosh computers. Earlier attempts to access their QB data files on my WinTel machines were unsuccessful. I have been forced to work with the much less efficient printed reports rather than the actual data files.

A few days ago, I received the latest versions of QuickBooks for Windows and was reading over the included documents and noticed a flyer for the latest version for Mac, 6.0. It included the following feature that allows users to make a copy of their data that can be shared with the Windows version of QB.

Share QuickBooks data between Mac and Windows (New)
Experience greater efficiency, communication, and collaboration with Windows users, such as your accountant. QuickBooks: Pro 6.0 for Mac allows you to share your QuickBooks Mac data with users of QuickBooks for Windows. You can send your Mac data to Windows and Windows users can send it back to Mac users.

I've already passed this news on to the clients who are on Macs. Even though this requires buying the more expensive Pro version of the program, I have strongly encouraged them that, if they have been debating upgrading to 6.0, they should add this feature to the list of reasons to do so. I know that I am able to do a much more efficient job in tax prep and consulting when I have the actual QB data file to work with; so it should pay for itself quickly.

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