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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Thursday, November 13, 2003
Stopping the Internet tax - Includes a good use of a quote from George Harrison's "TaxMan" song; something I have referred to on several occasions as being all too prophetic.

Conservative Bumper Stickers - Many of these are out of date; but they're still funny.

Repub Guru Compares Taxes to Genocide - While the tone of this article is to ridicule anyone who would make such a comparison, that analogy is completely appropriate. In today's America, it has become quite acceptable to justify downright evil and immoral actions as valid because they are only being done against a small portion of our populace.

As I have continuously mentioned, our rulers have exploited envy to such a degree that there is nothing too dastardly that can be done to the "evil rich." While it is true that the estate tax (aka death tax) currently only applies to a limited few in the top tier of wealth, it is an entirely immoral thing to do to people, to strip their families of the wealth they worked their butts off to accumulate.

It is, as I have also mentioned on several occasions, right from the Communist Manifesto to deny people the right to pass their things on to anyone but the supreme central government. I, for one, have always believed that communism, with its denial of freedoms of choice and private property ownership, is itself inherently evil.

Anyone who believes it's okay to deny a certain portion of our citizens the right to keep their things is, as Grover Norquist said, no different from the Germans who supported the elimination of a certain portion of their populace. Wrong is wrong, whether it happens to everyone or just one single person.

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