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Friday, January 09, 2004
Receiving Blog Updates
Those of you receiving these postings via email may have noticed long gaps between receiving anything. Those have been caused by problems with the Bloglet and Blogger services and are an unfortunate fact of life on the 'net. As always, you can find all of my postings on the main web page and in the archives, going back to November 2000.

I have found that a much more reliable delivery service for web log postings is by subscribing to the RSS feeds that are produced with each posting. I have found the easiest way to do this is through an aggregator service, such as my favorite, Bloglines. It's free and has been amazingly efficient for checking on dozens of blogs much more efficiently than having to log onto each site one by one. It also cuts down on the volume of email. With close to a thousand spam messages coming in each day to my email accounts (after having been whittled down by my ISPs), I enjoy the ability to focus directly on the latest postings from the blogs I've subscribed to via Bloglines.

Another nice feature of Bloglines is that it accumulates unread postings for each of my subscribed feeds. Several of them I only check once or twice a month; so I can feel confident that everything since my last visit is still available.

I encourage anyone who has learned the benefits of reading blogs to try out Bloglines to make keeping up with the growng volume of information much more efficient. With this election year, there will be a record number of news items to keep up on.

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