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Saturday, March 13, 2004
Impending Tax Increases
Last year, when our rulers in DC were crafting the tax cuts, they played fast and loose with the effective dates for the various provisions of that bill. In their classic smoke and mirrors style, they set up most of the tax cuts to be temporary, with varying expiration dates.

At the time, they claimed that they would later go in and make them permanent. However, they still haven't done so, and the first part of that bill turns into a pumpkin next year, 2005.

Regardless of who wins the November election for the White House, if our rulers in Congress don't do something to either extend these tax cuts - or better still, just make them permanent -- everyone's taxes will go up next year. We all should be pestering our CongressCritters to act ASAP on this matter. Doing nothing is tantamount to raising all of our taxes.

Thanks to Andrew Roth of MoveRight.org for posting this PDF version of the impending tax increases. I thought it was so important, that I converted that to HTML and posted it on my website so that we can refer to it often. I've also added a link to it in my BlogRoll on the right side of this page.

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