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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Tuesday, March 16, 2004
Lying Is Job One For Leftist Economists - With the mainstream media promoting leftist causes, along with widespread economic illiteracy in this country, their lies are widely accepted as gospel.

John Kerry's Economic Beliefs - As with all issues, he supports and opposes everything, depending on the audience he is with. He is the true poster boy for political pandering. I don't have time to dissect the presidential campaign, but I do think it's still too early for the Bush team to use the big guns and nuke John Kerry.

Until the DemonRats' convention, John Kerry isn't the official party nominee and could be replaced by someone else (Queen Hitlary) if he's considered too unelectable. With the way he's already imploding on himself, I have doubts that he will be worth nominating at the convention and the Bush team will have to redirect their focus.

Cutting State Government Spending (and Living to Tell About It) - Some positive news for taxpayers at the State level.

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