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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Quicken or QuickBooks?
I am constantly being asked which program is better, such as in the following email I received today:

My question is if your remark would apply to my new small business that I am starting. (least expensive basic version is sufficient)? The accountant that I talked to said that Quicken would be enough but I have had some people debate that. I actually an familiar with QuickBooks but not Quicken. Thank you in advance for your reply.

PS: What is the least expensive way to acquire QuickBooks? I can't believe the prices I am seeing!!

My response:

For a business, there is no contest. QuickBooks is far superior to Quicken for all of the reasons I spelled out here.

The absolute lowest prices I have seen are from eBay sellers. Next best is through the link on my website.

Next best is from the warehouse clubs (Costco, Sam's). If you buy the Basic version, it will be much less expensive than the fancier ones, and will work just fine for you.

Good luck.

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