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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Monday, April 19, 2004
Agency may redefine what a family farm is - Just as with the definition of evil rich for tax purposes, it varies program by program and agency by agency.

A house fit for a cat - Leaving an estate to one's pets requires some special estate planning techniques.

A Better Mutual Fund Reform - If the various governmental regulatory agencies carry out their (promise) threat to issue new rules to protect investors, we can expect it to be just as successful as Tax Reform has been. The wise move (unfathomable to our rulers) would be to let the market take care of itself.

Single Women in Retirement Peril - It always scares me when news stories start using terms like "crisis" and "peril" because that means some kind of new government program is in the wings to solve the perceived problem.

Fair Tax would live up to its name - Unfortunately, fairness is the last thing most of our rulers want for a tax system that they use for their social engineering projects, especially wealth redistribution.

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