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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Sunday, April 25, 2004
How to slash your taxes - The traditional way to reduce or eliminate income and payroll taxes is to just stop working, which becomes more attractive an option the higher and more confiscatory the tax rates are.

Criminalizing business - Another good piece by Thomas Sowell on the impossibility of every potential investor having exactly the same information as every other potential investor, and the ridiculousness of our rulers in DC trying to legislate this kind of thing from their high and mighty thrones.

Kill the Corporate AMT - As well as the idiotic AMT on individuals.

PAYGO on Tax Cuts Could Bring Back the Estate Tax - The entire way in which our rulers account for the effects of tax changes - using a static scoring system that assumes no related changes in behavior as a result - is the perfect example of the classic oxymoron, "government intelligence."

IWF Refutes So-Called 'Wage Gap' - It is true that the extent of the perceived gap between salaries of women and men is usually highly overstated and doesn't account for the extenuating circumstances that actually justify such disparities. However, the issue is not entirely fictitious. During my seven years involvement with the internal auditing profession (as an auditor, audit manager, and seminar instructor), where I examined the internal workings of a number of large businesses, I did see several very real examples of men being paid much higher salaries and given many more benefits (company cars, etc.) than women for the exact same jobs simply because of their gender. Managers even used those exact words to justify the differences. I was reprimanded on several occasions for discussing those disparities. Of course, it has been almost 20 years since I left corporate employment; so I hope such blatant discrimination has been tempered since then.

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