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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Monday, April 19, 2004
John Kerry's Tax Hypocrisy - In typical liberal fashion, JFK is always calling for higher taxes on the evil rich. His state of Massachusetts actually has two ways of computing its income tax; at 5.3% or at a higher 5.85% for those who want to help out the state government some more. Guess which rate John Kerry paid. Higher taxes are only appropriate for everyone else, and when given a chance to pay more, in true selfishness, he does what 99.97% of his fellow MA taxpayers do, and pays the lowest rate available.

As those of us who believe in lower taxes have always said to liberals, they are free to send in every penny they have to support their beloved Big Government programs. It's a very different story when they push to have the government use its awesome power to forcefully take money from other people who don't believe in Big Government.

Special-Interest Add-Ons Weigh Down Tax-Cut Bill - Our rulers are hopelessly addicted to pork.

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