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Saturday, June 12, 2004
Another Tax Protestor Busted
Every political party has its share of nut jobs. The Libertarian Party is no exception. This bozo's claims that income taxes are unconstitutional and that nobody has to file tax returns are as idiotic as those of this other moron who claims, when it's convenient, to be a Libertarian.

As I've always said, there are valid ways to work for lower taxes. Advising and encouraging people to break the law is not one of those. Anybody stupid enough to follow the lead of illegal tax protestors deserves the consequences that will be forthcoming.

I do find it a bit offensive that these news accounts play up the political affiliation of this idiot. Why don't we see the political party mentioned in news accounts of people arrested for other crimes, such as rape, murder and robbery?

Feds raid home of tax foe

Tax foe expects criminal charges for 'telling truth'

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