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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
I have written and spoken countless times on one of my biggest pet peeves; the outright lies that are told about the effects of the Reagan tax cuts. The leftist media, and even some idiot RINOs, are afraid to tell the truth; that the lower rates signed into law by President Reagan (from 70% down to 28%) stimulated huge economic activity and actually doubled the Federal tax revenues.

His critics had no respect for the truth while he was alive; so it's not surprising to see those same lies being tossed around now that he has passed. Their claim that the budget deficits of the 1980s were Reagan's fault conveniently misses the fact that all spending bills were passed by the backstabbing lying DemonRats in Congress who reneged on their promises to control spending and went on a drunker sailor spending spree much like we have had in the past few years. Reagan, just the same as all other presidents, was frustrated with the lack of line item veto power, which most governors have. His choices were to either veto the entire spending bills and shut the government down or accept them in toto.

What has always been so puzzling to me is how anyone can have any faith in the media when they lie about such obvious things just because they despise Reagan and Bush so much. If they won't tell the truth about obvious things, how can anybody possibly trust them to be straight with us on any issue?

Some people who have their facts right:

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