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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Presidential Candidates
Lieutenant Governor: No-Show John Kerry Should Quit Senate - One of the big reasons real life people like me don't run for high office is that we have to actually work to earn a living and can't afford to take time away to campaign. That is why most candidates are either so wealthy they don't need to work, or have jobs where they don't actually have to do anything. John Kerry fits both those descriptions.

In just one of many examples of the most inept and incompetent political campaign I can recall, John Kerry (or sKerry, as Neal Boortz calls him) wants people to believe that he would work hard as President, when he does almost nothing as a US Senator, even when there are close votes on issues he supposedly cares about. What kind of business would promote an employee to a much more prestigious and important position when that person doesn't even show up for the job he currently has? Only in government is this even a possibility. John Kerry doesn't need to be parodied. He is a parody.

Speaking of parodies, several months ago, when the American Candidate reality show was announced, I considered entering in order to get some campaign experience and spread the Libertarian message. After reviewing the application, I decided I couldn't afford to make the commitment to taking ten plus weeks off from my business. Checking the web site a few weeks ago, I see that I made a very fortunate choice. Rather than parallel an actual presidential campaign, as the original premise had been, the show's format has been changed to that of a spoof. The original application required the candidates be constitutionally eligible for the presidency (at least 35 years old). They are now accepting anyone, including teenagers.

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