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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Friday, September 24, 2004
John Kerry's Social Security plan is to ignore it and hope a fairy godmother comes down, waves her magic wand, and makes it all work out.

Hill panel OKs tax-cut extension

Conferees Pass $146 Billion Tax Cut Extension Bill

Many Fortune 500 Firms Paid No Tax During Bush Administration, CTJ Finds - And of course, that's inherently bad because we're all supposed to understand that corporations are evil.

Congress gives president pre-election win with tax cuts

DemonRats Blast GOP National Sales Tax Proposal - Sales taxes don't allow as much social engineering and control as income taxes do.

New $50 Note Available Beginning September 28 - Ulysses Grant has had his gay makeover.

Congress Sends $146 Billion Tax Cut Package to President Bush

Lawmakers OK Extension of Tax Cuts

John Kerry: Fiscally Disciplined? Not even close

Social Insecurity

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