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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
The media are making such a big deal about these poor people who have to pay taxes on the free car they received from GM. All they have to do is sell the car and they will have plenty of cash to use for the taxes if there are any. Lottery and other gambling losses can be used to offset this income. If they still need a new car, they can buy a more affordable used one.

Oprah's car giveaway not totally 'free'

Recipients In Oprah's Car Giveaway Face Hefty Taxes

Pressing issue of Social Security

The Specter of Poverty in America - Many big government programs are built on the foundation of dire poverty in the populace, with the ridiculous impression given that low income people in the USA are equivalent to starving dirt farmers in Africa.

How to Minimize Taxes And Control Your Estate Without Trusts

Court Orders Halt To Texas Man's Tax Promotions - And those people foolish enough to fall for this scammer's "corporation sole" and "claim of right" schemes will be hearing from IRS as well.

GOP crafting tax-cut package

Chirac Touts Plans For Worldwide Anti-Poverty Tax - I'm sure John Kerry's all in favor of France setting American tax policy, just as he want to turn over all of our military decisions to those cheese eating surrender monkeys and the United Nations

Productive inequality - Basic supply & demand concepts explain why a few people earn millions times more than most people.

The Candidates' Tax Plans: Comparing the Economic and Fiscal Effects of the Bush and sKerry Tax Proposals

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