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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Snopes.com has some more explanation of the upcoming Check 21 procedures for banks processing checks.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify - Let's not all hold our breath for this to ever happen.

FBI: Mortgage Fraud Is Rampant in U.S. - Michelle Malkin has an interesting theory that the uncontrolled borders have allowed a lot of illegal residents to scam the banking industry in this country.

The Revenue Effects of Reinstating the Top Tax Rates

Liberal Democrats plan to tax SUVs off city streets in UK - The libs haven't given up their efforts trying to do the same thing here in the USA. As I've tried to explain on numerous occasions, SUV owners are already punished for exercising their free market right to buy their vehicle of choice by the higher price of gas.

How Tax Cuts Feed the Beast - This is a ridiculous ass-backwards assessment of Bush's tax cuts. This numbskull calls the tax rate cuts wealth redistribution, when the reality is that the entire purpose of using graduated tax rate schedules is to redistribute wealth from the producers to the non-producers. Bush's rate cuts have allowed more people to keep the results of their own efforts and reduced the amount of Marxist redistribution that is still very inherent in the tax rate structure in this country.

Congress Considers Extending Tax Relief with Significant Benefits to Middle-Income Taxpayers

Florida Property Tax Bills Hit Hurricane-Damaged Homes at Full Force

Judges need lessons about power to raise taxes - Much of the growth in the size and cost of government is due to activist judges overstepping their legal authority and nobody doing anything about it. Impeachments aren't just for perjuring presidents.

John Kerry's A man without a plan - And luckily for the USA, without a snowball's chance in Hell of coming even close to being elected.

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