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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Thursday, September 16, 2004
Stocks & Polls Agree on Bush - This is an obvious correlation since the stock market is, for the most part, the bastion of capitalists, who would naturally be more likely to support capitalist George Bush than Marxist John F'ing Kerry.

'Shooting from the Hip' on Social Security Reform

John & Teresa Kerry Skimp on Their Income Taxes - Typical elitist liberal hypocrisy.

John Kerry Vows To Raise Wife's Taxes

Hurricane Porky Blows Through Capitol Hill - Excellent choice of words to describe what our rulers in DC do.

Building Your Own Dynasty - Interesting look at how to set up perpetual trusts.

Improvements Are Needed to Ensure Tax Returns Are Prepared Correctly at IRS VITA Sites - Having started my tax prep career with the IRS's VITA program in conjunction with Cal State Hayward back in 1975, I have always been well aware that its free service is no match for a professional. We were supposed to be for the benefit of low income individuals, but I can recall working on some fairly high income returns with plenty of business and rental schedules. We didn't turn them away because of the excellent real life experience it gave us; but those people did get what they paid for.

With Thousands Of Pensions Closing,How Safe Is Yours?

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