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Sunday, November 28, 2004
Dealing with tax protestors

I actually received an email this morning from the retarded tax protestor who had been leaving obscene late night messages on our answering machine.  His name is Kenny Lizotte and his email address is kennylizotte@msn.com  I'm sure he would love to hear from anyone wanting to discuss his take on taxation.  I don't know what part of the country he is in because he had his phone number blocked from the caller ID.

He sent me this standard crap that tax protestors have long used to try to distort the issues of legitimacy in regard to taxation:

Subject: Incometax

What code section requires the average American to pay the income tax?

What code section shows the liability of the average American for the income tax?

What code section requires Americans to keep books and records?

What code section requires Americans to make a return?

What code section requires the average American to submit to withholding?

Please just direct answers?
My reply:

That's not how things work in this country.  I am an independent CPA and don't work for the government; so I have no obligation to waste my time trying to educate you on the tax laws.

It is you who have the burden of proving your case that hundreds of millions of people in this country are wrong and you are one of the few geniuses who have the true answers about taxes. 

You left a number of late night drunken messages on our answering machine (your name showed on our caller ID) in which you called me obscene names and claimed that you obtained directly from IRS a book that states that nobody has to pay any taxes.  If that is true, tell me the name or publication number of that book, along with the page number where you found this statement, and I will check it out.  If what you are saying is true, I will write about it. 

However, if you are not able to back up your claims, please stop wasting my time.

Kerry Kerstetter

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