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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

On Eve of Lame-Duck Session, GOP Looking Ahead to Tax Reform


Budget Issues Hamstring Modernization, IRS Officials Say


A Flatly Simple Plan - While a flat rate tax system would be somewhat simpler than the current "progressive" structure, there would still be a lot of games to play in arriving at the taxable income figure; so that would definitely leave plenty of work for us tax pros.


Federal Court Halts Bogus Trust Tax Evasion Scheme In Texas


A new twist to your tax bill? - More on the idea of a national sales tax to replace the income tax.


Reship of Fools - People are falling for this new work at home scam.  It's not surprising, considering how many people actually voted for John Kerry.


Dead end for rebates - While at first glance, sending property tax rebates to dead people seems like a typical government screw-up, I don't see it that way.  A person's estate, and thus his heirs, is just as entitled to a refund of overpaid expenses as is a living person.  When a person passes away, some of the assets left behind often include receivables that will be collected after death. 


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