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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tax writers Want GAO Review of OICs


Former Treasury Officials Slam National Retail Sales Tax, Praise VAT - Great idea.  Let's emulate the Europeans because we all know that they have all the answers for designing a perfect society.  How stupid an idea is that?  Let's add an entirely new taxation system to learn and keep track of, rather than just use one we are all already familiar with, such as sales tax.


IRS Officials Urge Care for Those Making a Car Donation; New Law Changes Rules at End of the Year


Hartford Goes to Court in Effort to Block EITC Test - There's just something satisfying about local governments having to battle with IRS just as we peons have to every day.


IRS Simplifies FUTA Tax Deposit Rules for Small Businesses  - Not a huge break, but we need to be grateful for whatever tiny reduction in red tape we are given by our masters.    


ABA Tax Section Asks Congress to Repeal or Modify AMT - This pretty much sums it up:

...alternative minimum tax no longer serves the purpose for which it was originally intended and asked that it be repealed or modified to be more in line with its original purpose of applying to high-income taxpayers.

Let's not forget to support ReformAMT


Time to save Social Security



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