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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Monday, December 20, 2004

Discover how much you must save in order to become a millionaire


Get rich quick, repent at leisure - More on the media manufactured malady, affluenza.


Fed says financial junk mail is useful - Plenty of fuel for fireplaces.


A Tax Revolt in Berkeley? - Thanks to Michelle Malkin for this story proving that even the most left-wing tax lovers may eventually reach their breaking point.


Yes, Social Security has to be fixed - Thanks to Neal Boortz for this bit of common sense from New Hampshire.


Social Security Tax Limit May Go Up - As I've long predicted, the cap on earnings subject to FICA will be removed just as it was for Medicare.  To make matters even worse for those people, my other prediction still stands. They will most likely be frozen out of ever receiving any or all of their promised benefits when a means testing threshold is instituted.  Regardless of how much they may have paid in over their lifetimes, evil rich people have no right to recover their contributions according to our rulers in DC.  The definition of "evil rich" will be debated; but it can't get much worse than the one they already use to tax Social Security benefits; $25,000 AGI for singles and $32,000 for married couples.  


Funny video from the folks at JibJab on how Santa wants cash this year instead of cookies, including an appearance by his rarely seen elf accounting department.


Snow Sees Spending Slashed in '06 Budget - Less spending by our rulers in DC?  Not in our lifetimes.


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