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Sunday, August 14, 2005
Tax Man Song

For obvious reasons, George Harrison’s song has been a big favorite of mine.  We’ve used excerpts of it in several of my audio and video recordings, usually as performed by George or the Beatles.  A few years back, I happened to see the bluegrass group Nickel Creek perform the song on PBS's Austin City Limits show.  Since them, I have been looking for a copy of their version.  None ever show up via the file sharing services.  I even wrote to Nickel Creek, offering to pay for a copy of the song.  I never heard back from them.

Last week, PBS replayed that particular episode of Austin City Limits.  This time, I was ready with our new hard drive digital video recorder.  I recorded the show, and then made an MP3 file with just the TaxMan song.  It’s not necessarily better than the classic version of the song we all know so well.  It’s just an interesting interpretation. I have it on my website for non-commercial amusement purposes only. 


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