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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
USA Tax Work By Indians

I have written a lot about the continuing trend for tax preparation offices to farm out the actual work to less expensive firms in India.

Ohio CPA Dana Stahl, who told me he explicitly notifies his clients that all of their tax work is done in his offices here in the USA,  recently sent me this:

Subject: Myths of Outsourcing-FYI

Mr Guru - another viewpoint on outsourcing.  Haven't changed my own prospective, but interesting nonetheless. 



My Reply:


That's not exactly an unbiased source on outsourcing, considering that his company has been aggressively soliciting business to have their Indian staff prepare tax returns for USA accounting firms.  I still think it's a stupid idea in regard to properly serving clients.



It’s not just tax preparation work that is being outsourced to India, according to this post from TaxProf Paul Caron.  For just $15 an hour, this company in India will perform USA Federal tax and other legal research.  They have been soliciting work from law professors, and I’m sure will soon be making similar pitches to us in the private practitioner community.  


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