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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Selling Home To Own LLC


Subject: help

I have a client who owns a home with his wife which otherwise would qualify for the Section 121 exclusion.  They want to "sell" their home for a promissory note to a controlled entity (LLC or S corp) and then have it developed into condos to be sold.  The entity/purchaser will be 99% owned by the seller and 1% by another.  Assume the sale is "respected" by the IRS.
Results:  no ability to use installment sale treatment (453(g)); ordinary income on the sale (707/1239).
Even given the potentially "bad" tax results above, this is no problem because 121 still excludes the gain even if it is ordinary income under 707/1239.  Do you agree??


I'm not aware of any restriction on the Sec. 121 exclusion for full unrestricted sales to a related party.

The only mention of any such restriction in Pub. 523 is the following for when only a remainder interest is sold to a related party.

“Exception for sales to related persons.   You cannot exclude gain from the sale of a remainder interest in your home to a related person. Related persons include your brothers and sisters, half-brothers and half-sisters, spouse, ancestors (parents, grandparents, etc.), and lineal descendants (children, grandchildren, etc.). Related persons also include certain corporations, partnerships, trusts, and exempt organizations.”

Kerry Kerstetter


agreed.  Thanks!!



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