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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Death of Partner


Subject: Preparing 1065 & K1's the Year of Partners Death

Kerry, I came across your website and Blogs while I was doing research regarding the preparation of this Partnerships 1065 & K1’s.

 I work for a partnership founded in 1946.  The percentage of ownership was as follows:

Founder – 10%

Partner 1 (Son) – 20%

Partner 2 (Son-in-law) – 20%

Partner 3 – 16.667%

Partner 4 – 16.667%

Partner 5 – 16.667%

As of June 28th 2005, our founder passed away.  He held 10% of the ownership at the time of his passing.  His percentage was absorbed by his son and son-in-law who now own 25% each of the company.  How do you suggest I set up Turbo Tax?  Am I required to do the first half 2005, second half 2005, and then a final combined return?  If you could please advise I would greatly appreciate it “oh Grand TaxGuru of ours”.

Best Regards,


I don't use TurboTax, so I can't give any specific data entry advice on it.

However, it sounds as if you may need to make manual allocations of the 2005 K-1 info between the various partners, including the deceased one, to account for the proper split.  The actual computation of the allocation can be done various ways. 

In similar cases that I have worked on, I have figured the P&L for the time with the old ownership (1/1 to 6/28 in your case) and figured that split.  Then, I did the same for the rest of the year with the new ownership percentages and then totaled the two figures to get the full allocations for the year.   The method used should be designed with the input of all of the surviving partners, the deceased partner's survivors, as well as all of their personal tax and legal advisors.

You only need to do one 1065 for the entire year of 2005, with proper notation on the K-1s of the beginning and ending ownership percentages of each partner.

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter

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