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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Saturday, May 27, 2006

Working around the new kiddie tax – Need to modify strategies for shifting investment income to kids.  This is all part of the never ending tax game.  Our imperial rulers change the rules and we adapt accordingly. 


AARP returns to the mutual fund business Just pointing out what hypocrites the AARP leaders are.  As pointed out frequently at the Social Security Choice website, AARP fought hard against the idea of allowing people to own and invest their own retirement funds under the premise that the stock market is too dangerous a place to put money, while at the very same time AARP has been earning huge commissions from selling the exact same kinds of investments.  This kind of attitude is one of the main reasons we refused to renew our AARP membership a few years ago.


Tax Advantage Is Driving Deal To Buy Braves – We need to look more into how we can help our small corporate clients use this “cash-rich split-off” technique to avoid taxes on cash deals.


If You've Got a Tax Refund, You're Crazy – Good tips from Gail Buckner on how to adjust your W-4 to avoid giving the government an interest free loan.


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