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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Sunday, June 25, 2006
Dealing With Tax Bug



Subject: Clients
Are you taking clients? I have the tax bug bad!


I wish I could help you fight your tax bug; but I already have too many clients to take care of; so we are still trimming back on the difficult clients and are not accepting any new ones at this time. 

Unfortunately, we don't have anyone to whom we could refer you. If you haven't already done so, you should check out my tips on how to select the right tax preparer for you.:

I wish I could be of more assistance; but I wish you the best of luck.  

Kerry Kerstetter


Thanks for your response Kerry. I was reading your tips on selecting the right preparer when I suddenly realized I needed one, or at least one like you where describing. Congratulations on your success and I can see from your web page and how you handle others why you're so busy. I bet you feel like one crying in the wilderness "there is a better way" I speak to others about these tips and tactics and they act as if I am giving them a virus. I don't think people relate tax savings to real money or that is my perception.
There is one thing you could help me with if you have any spare time. There is a company online called www.drewmiles.com who offers one year of coaching on aggressive tax strategies, tips and lawsuit protection. I listened to the audio version, which peaked my interest and then spoke with a representative. His ideas have weight and validity and now I am contemplating purchasing personal coaching and I would be interested in any opinions you may have about this move. It is fairly expensive (3,995.00) however the tax savings for me could be substantial (he has a 110% money back guarantee if I don't save at least $30,000.00 my first tax year) Have you ever heard anything about this company or this individual?  Thanks for your time and keep up the good work! It is our constitutional right to minimize taxes or at least the Supreme Court agrees it is.


I am familiar with Drew Miles.  Several months ago, another CPA sent me some of his promotional material.  Here is my reply to him.

"That's just another one of the many so-called tax experts who claim to be the only ones who know how to help people lower their taxes; when in actuality every one of his ideas is something that I and many other tax pros have been using for decades for our clients.  It is insulting that he feels a need to belittle us CPAs in an effort to make himself sound smarter.  Nothing new."

 After that, I made the mistake of signing up for Drew Miles' email alerts and now receive a dozen or more high pressure emails each and every day. 

My opinion is still the same.  Drew Miles' ideas are valid, but are nothing unique that any competent and creative tax advisor can't accomplish for much less cost.  For example, I do those exact same kinds of things for my clients for much less, and I am one of, if not the, most expensive CPA in the area (an intentional but unsuccessful way of limiting the size of my client base).

While those of us in the tax practitioner community who believe it's our duty to do everything legally possible to help clients minimize their taxes are obviously in the minority, there are enough of us to be able to service those clients who desire our services.  If you are diligent in your search, you should locate such a person.

Good luck.

Kerry Kerstetter   


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