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Thursday, June 29, 2006
More On Setting Up A Tax Blog

For quite a while now, I have been advising other tax pros who want to increase their clientele that a blog is the most effective way.  I hope these exchanges with Gina in Texas are helpful for others who are considering doing the same thing.

From Gina: 


Thanks for the traffic to my blog :-) !  I've been trying to add more articles, a site feed and allow for comments as you suggested.  There are still a lot more things I can do with the blog and I'll add them as time allows.  Late yesterday I talked to the editor from my local paper and it looks like they may be interested in publishing an article or two after all.  So, things are starting to pick up for me.  You're a great mentor.



I wrote back:


I'm glad to help.

Since I have also been using Blogger since the beginning for my blog, I can give you more suggestions than if you had chosen to use one of the other programs.  You should occasionally look over the various items under the "Settings" section of your Blogger page.  They are always adding new ones.  For example, they have a built in RSS capability, so you don't have to rely on outside services, such as the Feedburner one you have set up.

Blogger also has long had a built-in comments function. I have chosen not to use it because I barely have enough time to do regular posting and do not want the hassle of monitoring the comments, which will undoubtedly be bombarded with spam.  I have found that using the Q&A format based on actual emails readers send to me has allowed me much more control than an open comments section would.

If your experience turns out like mine and that of other bloggers around the country, you should see the readership grow exponentially.  Besides bringing in new clients, it will also bring in a lot of other media coverage, including requests to submit articles to other publications, as well as interviews specifically about your blogging experiences.  If there aren't a lot of people currently blogging in your local community, your local paper will probably want to do an article about your experiences for their local readers to learn from.  

And the end result will be like it was for me, that you will have more tax clients than you can properly handle and will be able to be very selective as to who you work with.

Good luck.



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