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Friday, June 23, 2006
New Anti-Tax Song

Jeff Parnell, a congressional candidate up North of us in Missouri, is also a singer song-writer. He has some funny political songs available for download on his website. The one called “Red State Blues” is very funny, making good use of the widely known insane screams by the head DemonRat, Howard Dean.

The song that most caught my attention is obviously the one addressing the current state of our tax system, “Perhaps We Need A Tea Party Again,” which I first heard about from some of the FairTax supporters, who have this song playing on their website, as well as available for MP3 download. They also have the lyrics, which make a lot of sense.

"Perhaps We Need a Tea Party Again"
Lyrics and music by: Jeff Parnell

One night in Boston Harbor, the tea flew overboard.
They said, "We don't owe King George a thing, we answer to our Lord."
They built this land of freedom, but things have changed since then.
Perhaps we need a tea party again.

They passed the 16th amendment, and the income tax was law.
But it punishes achievement, and that's just one of many flaws.
Then along came withholding, we don't know what we pay in.
Perhaps we need a tea party again.

There's a better way to pay the bills, and the Fair Tax is its name.
We can fully fund this government, and end these silly games.
We can save Social Security, and Medicare it's true.
And the Congress needs to hear all this from You.

Career politicians love the power of tax and spend.
And it's time that all of us take a stand and reign them in.
This country is worth saving, and I'm telling you my friends,
"Perhaps we need a tea party again."

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