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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Starting New Tax Blog


This is a follow-up to this earlier conversation.

Subject: Re: just starting out on my own...

I took your advice and started a blog.  My blog is http://glgcpa.blogspot.com and I just posted my first article this morning.  I think I'm going to like blogging.

I have also tried to contact the editor of our local newspaper to see if she is accepting any freelance articles, but she has not gotten back in touch with me. 

I contacted our Chamber of Commerce and evidently their treasurer is a CPA and was the contact person and said that if they needed anyone to speak he would do it.  I had no idea it would be so hard to give away free information :-) .

The good news is that I do have a handful of clients and one of them is a gem.  They have already referred me to two other people who I am hoping will become clients.

Thanks again for your help and any advice you have to give me on my blog or whatever I appreciate it.


My Reply:

I'm impressed that you got onto that so quickly.  It looks very nice.

You should go into the "Site Feed" tab in your Blogger settings and set up for your blog to produce an RSS feed, and then post the link for that on your blog.  That is the most efficient way for people to read blog posts.  You can see the ones I subscribe to here.
You can slowly add other features as you see fit and after you check out what looks good on the blogs.  Almost all of the blog tools I use are free; so check those out.

Your articles are very good.  If you run out of ideas, you may want to consider giving some real life examples  of how you helped real life clients solve various tax problems, without revealing any client identities of course.  That will show people the areas in which you have experience.  I have also found that people appreciate real life stories of how the tax laws work more than the theoretical examples used by most academics.

You can also invite readers to submit questions, which could very easily turn into paying clients.  I literally receive half a dozen requests each week from my readers to take them on as clients, often after they have submitted a few questions that I have posted on my blog.  As far as I know, the only blogs that currently address reader questions are mine and Eva Rosenberg (www.TaxMama.com)  who actually answers her questions in her podcasts.

Congratulations on getting started.  Keep up the good work.



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