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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Soaking the evil rich...

Dems grapple with ‘rich’ – A cornerstone of DemonRat tax policy has always been classic Marxism by sticking it to those folks that they declare to be the “evil rich.”  This article is another illustration of how flexible that term is.  As I’ve been describing for decades, there are literally dozens of penalties on the evil rich built into the tax system that each start at different levels of income, and more are obviously being planned.  When the Clintons move back into the White House, we can at least be sure of seeing another new tax like their 1993 “millionaire surtax” that kicked in at taxable income of $250,000.    

As destructive as such penalties on success are for the economy and capitalism in general, they will be great for those of us in the tax minimization profession as we help more clients use such techniques as income shifting and multiple entities to avoid these new attacks on their wealth.





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