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Tax Guru-Ker$tetter Letter
Friday, October 31, 2008
More Evil Rich Every Day

As I have been screaming for decades, the definition of who is in the cross-hairs as being the Evil Rich and deserving of extra tax persecution is subject to constant change by our rulers in DC.  It’s the classic camel’s nose under the tent.  The O’Biden DemonRat tag team isn’t even waiting until the election’s over before publicly announcing that their target for additional mandatory patriotism has widened from those making over $250,000 per year a few weeks ago to anyone earning over $120,000 today.  As I have long predicted, it won’t be long until these nut-cases use the same definition of evil rich as the IRS has for decades for Social Security recipients; Single persons earning over $25,000 per year and married couples earning over $32,000 per year.

How Low Can It Go? Richardson Pegs Middle Class as Those Making Under $120,000 – From FoxNews

Richardson Lowers Obama's Definition of "Rich" to 120K a Year – From Rush Limbaugh





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