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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Offending Obamaniacs?

From an obviously new reader:

Subject: Obama for President

Dude, you are so full of it. You waste your time making fun of our next president - Obama - but are so blind to the ruins made by the republican party and their war agenda. The man is brilliant. Stop and listen, you might just learn something. You and your red neck followers have no clue what goes on around America and just want to line your pockets with more cash at the expense of hard working families and the poor. Whine Whine Whine about taxes. You really don't care about helping people do you? Can't see past your capitalistic raciest views. Do you even know about the social issues this country faces? Guru, my ass. Stop criticizing and come up with some real solutions (blogs, cartoons, etc...whatever) people over 8 yrs old can discuss and articulate on. Don't you know that all you do is spread hate and create division between people through your blog. Show some wisdom and professionalism in your work. You have no appreciation for the different opinions people have and the beliefs they stand for. So out of touch with reality, that even your portray of yourself is a cartoon.

From: (Name Removed By Request)

My reply:

I'm sorry if telling the truth about your Messiah's tax plans offends you and your fellow Marxists. You should avoid my websites in the future, as I will continue to discuss what he has in store for us.

Your idiotic and ignorant comments aside, I do appreciate your writing to let me know that what I am posting on my tiny little blog is touching a nerve with you Obama disciples. That encourages me to continue.

Kerry Kerstetter

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