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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Palin Tax Returns

Sarah and Todd Palin have released copies of their 2006 and 2007 income tax returns, which you can download from the McCain website

I took a quick glance at the returns and had just a few comments.

I found it interesting that for both years, they had them prepared by H&R Block rather than by an expensive tax attorney or CPA, and that they e-filed.  I guess that is another part of the Palins’ bond with Joe SixPack.  I wonder if that will still be the case if she becomes VP. 

Copies of their W-2s are also included.

They claimed home office deductions for both years for Todd’s Schedule C commercial fishing business.

Some of the numbers, such as non-cash donations and vehicle miles, end in double zeroes, a sign of the SWAG method of guesstimating.

There are already stories all over the internet on how much more the Palins deducted for charitable donations than the other candidates. I don’t feel like piling on to that right now, and may discuss my opinions on that issue at a later time. 

For those even more curious about the Palins finances, the financial disclosure form on the McCain website lists many of their investments and other assets.



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