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Sunday, February 01, 2009
The Ice Storm Cameth
For clients and others wondering where we are, we have been out of power since last Tuesday morning as the result of what everyone is calling the worst ice storm ever to hit this area. Just one more fact proving AlGore's global warming theories to be a pile of donkey crap. We all wish we had warming after digging out of the ice and cutting down hundreds of fallen trees to barely clear the roads.

Needless to say, we have had no internet access up on the mountain and we received our first snail mail delivery since last Monday yesterday by meeting our mailman half-way.

Parts of the Ozarks do finally have power and we were able to make it off the mountain this afternoon to set up a satellite office in a Super 8 motel room in Harrison with two laptop computers and a laser printer from my main office.

Our electric company is vague about when we will have power restored, but they do have some pictures on their website of what things are looking like around here. Tax returns will be delayed a bit; but I will do my best to answer emails as soon as possible.

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